My names Hayley and i'm currently enjoying the new world of blogging.
I enjoy chatting so feel blogging is the perfect place for me to share thoughts, tips, buys, wants, gossip and pictures with you lovely fellow bloggers.
Much love Hayley xx

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Sale Shopping!

As promised here are some photos of my recent purchases brought in the sales.
I managed to pick up quite a few bargains and here they are:

Grey Matalan cardigan
Was £20 Now £10
I always seem to need warm jumpers.

Matalan black knee high boots
Was £28 Now £14
I very nearly bought these for £28 but decided to wait and see of they went in the sale and they did luckily i managed to get the last 5 in my local Matalan as someone had put it back on a size 7 shoe hanger. Yay!
There really comfy and fit my calf and i have quite thin calves i find it hard to find boots that aren't baggy.

Primark Cushion. £3 each
I got these to add some comfort to out sofa.

Tresemme shampoo and conditioner from Wilkinsons.
Was £4.27 each Now £1.98 each 900ml bottles!
I tried this out today and i was really impressed with it. It left my hair feeling really soft and strong in just one wash!
I can't wait to see the results after regular use.

White wicker heart from Wilkinsons.
Was £2 now £1
I bought it to hang in our bedroom. Your supposed to hang it on your front door and Christmas but it looks lovely in out bedroom.

Small Rose jar candle  from Wilkinsons 63p
Rose reed diffuser Was £5 Now £2.50

Brown wedge ankle boots from Primark

Camel trousers from primark with leather trim around the pockets.
Was £14 Now £5

Deep Plum silky top with neck beading detail from Primark.
Was £10 Now £5
I also tried this on just before Christmas as i nearly bought it to wear Christmas day.

Ballet pumps £4 from Primark (non sale)
I bought these to wear with the trousers.

Super Cosy tights from Primark £3.50 (Non sale)
I've heard great things about these tights.
There really thick almost legging material with soft fluff inside to keep me nice and toasty.

Matlan slippers £4
Belive it or not i didn't receive any slippers for Christmas so i picked these up in the sales.

We treated ourselves to the double dozen kripsy Kreme donuts.
£13 for 12 glazed ring donuts and 12 assorted which included Christmas specials. 

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Thank you Santa xx

What a busy few days! 
I hope you all had a lovely christmas.
Here are some pictures i wanted to share with you of my Christmas.

Just before Christmas we finally purchased a new camera we haven't had a proper camera in a while so we got the Fuji Film s2950 its a really cute chunky camera which has lots of gadgets and gizmo button which i'm still getting to grips with.
I will use to take family photos and blog photos.
 As all photos previously have been taken on my blackberry! Secrets out!

I made a trifle!
I used cream, sponge fingers, strawberry and raspberry jelly, custard and
 grated some popping candy chocolate orange on top.
Yum Yum!

My husbands work are quite traditional and so as a Christmas bonus we were given this beauty of a turkey from our local butchers.
All 6.5kg of a turkey

No Christmas would be complete without satsumas!

We also had ago at making Nigella's Christmas muffins.....

.... and Jamie Olivers Snicker Semi freddo

Daniel must have been very very good this year!!

I got this gorgeous cupcake cook book from my mum.

She also bought me the Beyonce Heat perfume which i have been wanting to try.

My sister in law Emma bought me this cute little metal heart jewelry  hanger i have put it on my bedside table and matched my vintage bedroom perfectly.

Mandarin and Cranberry Yankee candle smells just like Christmas in a jar!

My husband bought me some eye shadows which are really pretty and really pigmented.

 He also got me these mini lip gloss from 17.
Perfect for keeping in my bag.

My Uncle bought us a smoothie maker so we can make healthy yummy drinks.

I used some of the big shower gel yesterday and it smells gorgeous like cut roses.

I love these Ugg style boots they have a proper sole so will hopefully last longer than the usual ones.
They are really comfy like wearing slippers outside lol!!

I went to the sales today and got quite a few bits so will share my bargains with you tomorrow. 
I also got the colour b4 hair dye remover to strip my hair of the almost black colour for a lighter shade so will blog that too.
Did you manage to grab any bargains in the sales? xx

Monday, 26 December 2011

All fun and games xx

Hello Lovely's!!
I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. xx
My house officially looks like an Toys R Us has exploded in my living room!

Christmas day started at 6.30am for us as our son bounced into our bedroom with his stocking we all snuggled up in bed and unwrapped them and then went to check the living room to see if we had been extra good this year. 
Christmas is a busy day isn't it with everyone you want to see so after lunch we visited my husbands family then spent the evening at my mums. Eating turkey sandwiches of course!
I got lots of lovely gifts from family and friends i hope you did too. I will do a separate blog post share with you some of the gifts i received.
My mum and i are hitting the sales tomorrow so fingers crossed we pick up some bargains that i will also share with you.
Enjoy the rest of boxing day im off to eat more turkey and grab myself a drink and watch my new Peter Kay dvd.
Merry Christmas

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!! xx

Who's excited for Crimbo???
With Christmas day fast approaching i wanted to do a quick blog to show you our tree this year as i doubt i will have much time to blog over the next few days.

Our tree


Crimbo Bimbo

Salt dough decoration from my sister.

This will be our 1st Christmas as husband and wife!


Daniel when he was a few days old.

Some cards

Some more hung cards

Daniel helping out Santa in his workshop

Feeding vixen and Cupid

I just want to say a really BIG thank to all that read my blog i really do appreciate each comment you take the time to write to me and although I've not been bogging long but im really enjoying it.
 I hope you all have a really lovely Christmas and that Santa spoils you all rotten!!
Merry Christmas and a very happy new year to each and everyone of you. 
Lots of love 
Blogging lovely

Friday, 16 December 2011

Feel unique Beauty Box December

After waiting a few days for my new beauty box it finally came this morning!
As you have already read in my blog i was really disappointed with the November Glossy box aswell as a few previously so i decided to cancel my subscription and looked for another monthly treat. 
I decided to go with one of the cheaper monthly boxes at £9.95 a month from feel unique.

 I think the main delay in receiving my December box was mainly due to the slow crimbo post we get every year.
It comes well packaged in a little brown cardboard box with a little sticker on it saying 
'Looking Good' 
Which is how i knew it was my beauty box!!

Inside the cardboard box was a sleek black box which opens using a little silky purple ribbon like a draw, perfect for reusing as a jewelry box.

Inside i got 3 little cards one about sonic technology (which i am desperate to try) another explaing how to use all the products included in the box and finally a card advertising a product inside the box.

I also recieved the TIGI bed head sugar dust 1g.
It claims to add volume at the roots when applied to dry hair.
My hair loves to b back combed and styled so im really excited to try this giving my bob a trendy new look.

A 60ml tube of Clarisonic refining skin polish.
It smooths and hydrates rough dry skin.
I love scrubs so am really happy to receive this.

A cute little tin of Figs & Rouge Balm 8ml
Its 100% organic and can be used to sooth skin and lips!
Perfect for keeping in my bag.

Annick Goutal, Mandragore Eau De Toilette 25ml
 It came in a gorgeous purple drawstring bag.
Addmintedly its not a scent i would normally go for but its perfect for me to wear over the Christmas season. It has a really manly smell to it which is my favorite and smells just like Christmas in a pretty bottle.

A mini 4ml Nails inc polish called Oxford Circus.
Its a really pretty ballerina pink polish i don't think i will be wearing it anytime soon as its abit light and pastle coloured for winter but its a really pretty go to colour for spring/summer.

Finally i recieved three samples from Living Nature all 2ml.
Vitalising cleanser, nourishing day cream and extra hydrating tonning gel.

Overall mi extremely happy with all the products i received in my new beauty box subscription. I can't wait to give all the products ago and look forward to future boxes from Feel Unique.