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Friday, 21 October 2011

Bargain £1 Asda hair dye!

I recently blogged about a pill that may be available soon that combats grey hair. 
Well until this miracle pill is released i will have to keep dying my hair.
So whilst grabbing the essentials in Asda (what? chocolate is essential) i went to grab some hair dye.

Now ladies if you dye your hair you need to run to your local Asda and check your hair dye isle as i picked up 4 boxes of permanent hair dye for just £1 each!!!

I got Schwarzkopf Live colour xxl, colour intense in 89 bitter sweet chocolate.
I have used a live colour dye before when it first came out i don't remember being wowed by it but for £1 i will give it another chance lol.
It promises extra intense, long lasting vibrant colour full of healthy shine.
£4.50 on there website!!

L'oreal Feris 3d colour in 40 Espresson/ Dark brown
I haven't tried this dye before so it will be interesting it promises multi faceted colour and and anti fade system with 6 weeks of shine!
£5 on there website!!

Loreal sublime mousse in 41 delicate iced chocolate.
I wanted to try the moose just to see if it was any different from the usual dyes. It promises lucious permanent colour with natural glistening tones and a healthy shine. It says in perfect for grey and is as easy to apply as shampoo.
£7 on there website!!

and Finally
Clairol, Nice and easy, Perfect 10 in 5G medium golden brown
I also have been wanting to give this ago i never comb my hair dye through i know you should but im just lazy and this has a comb attached . It promises high gloss healthy looking hair in just 10 mins!! 100% long lasting grey coverage.
£6.98 on there website

So that's £23.48 worth of hair dye for £3!
I will review all four of them for you over then next couple of months and let you know how i get on. Now run ladies run!!!!!


  1. I found the mousse one really rubbish, it barely changed the colour of my hair, and my hair usually takes dye really well.

    Make sure to patch test! Read an article recently about a suddenly developing allergy and it scared the bejesus out of me.


  2. X I'm Lauren- Ella!- Oh no you found it to be rubbish! My hair is quite dark so doesn't really change in shade anyway as long as it covers my greys im happy but will let u know as ive not heard great things about the moose xx

  3. wow those hair dues are cheap and babe you need to get twitter so we can chat xx

    my blog : http://ravingbeautyx.blogspot.com/