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Monday, 24 October 2011

Review- Loreal hair dye- feria colour 3d

So following my baragin hair dye shop i thought i better actually slap some on and kiss those greys goodbye (hopefully)

So the 1st one i used out of the 4 i picked up (Asda £1 each) was the Loreal Feria permanent hair dye in 40 espresso/ dark brown.

Here what you get in the box.
Hair dye intructions, developer cream in an applicator bottle, colourant gel, conditioner and gloves

So you add the colourant gel into the developer cream bottle and shake apply immediently to damp unwashed hair. Leave for up to 30 mins rinse add a blob of the conditioner and rinse again.

I like the fact that the developer cream bottle has a wide neck so it doesn't spill every where or your not messing about trying to squeeze it out of a tube!

The gloves were a little baggy a mix between latex (dentist gloves) and plastic bags lol

Overall i quite liked it it covered every single grey and after the condioner was allpied it felt less like hay and more like soft healthy hair. I would recomment this product.
Lovely rating xx
8/10 good product got rid of my grey's not sure in what way it is 3d however.
My hair is so dark anyway it's hardly changed the colour just wish it made it more shinny and soft.

Just needs some more shine!

Remember to
 wash the hair dye off your skin!!!


  1. Your hair is gorgeous! I wish I could pull off a bob like that!



  2. X Lauren- Ella- Thank you hun what a lovely comment xxx

  3. your hair doesnt need anymore shine it is gorgeous just the way it is xx

    my blog : http://ravingbeautyx.blogspot.com/


  4. X- RavingBeauty- Thank you for your compliment and comment hun xx

  5. I love The cut, I'm waiting for my hair to grow back to my shoulders but it's taking for ever!! X x

  6. Gorgeous colour, I might have to give this a go!

    Sarah xx

  7. Emily- Thank you Emily i recently had it cut and wasnt sure so Thank you. It does seem to take forever when your waiting for your hair to grow lol xx

    Sarah- Thanks Sarah a nice natural colour xx