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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

*Mac brush set* well naughty Ebay ones! shhhhh!!!!

For the past few months my brush collection of about 4 brushes has not really been much use to me and quite often i've been using my fingers, don't get me wrong i love to apply make up with my fingers but i really thought it was time to stock up on some brushes. 

So my friend Holly showed me her recent brush purchase the Mac wannabe brushes!

She told me she paid about £25 for her brushes from a uk seller on Ebay but i managed to find them on Ebay for £15.98 all be it they would be coming all the way from Hong Kong but i'd lived without them for this long so i decided to order them and save myself £10.

They did take around 3 weeks to get here but they finally arrived.

The brushes come in this handy leather look roll up with Mac printed on the front in silver and straps to tie the case closed.

 Each brush has its own little pocket and the brush roll has a flip down cover to help keep your brushes nice and clean.

I paid £7.99 for the brushes and £7.99 for postage from Hong Kong which means i paid £15.98.
 I have put a link below for the Ebay seller where i got mine from and they seem to have gone down a tiny bit in price and are now £15.48. 

All the brushes are made from wood which has been painted black and they have mac and there brush number stamped onto the side in silver.
 I've been using them over the last few days and i have to say there really not bad there obviously not going to be of mac quality but for £15 for a 24 piece brush set, delivery and a brush roll there a bargain. The synthetic brushes are quite soft and don't shed also note there not mini brush sizes either there full size.

Top to bottom
129- blush or face powder brush
129SH- big face or powder brush
494SE- Large fan brush

168- foundation brush (should be labelled 190)
190-angled contour brush (should be labelled 168)

214- fan brush ( printed number incorrect)
252- shader brush
275- angled shader brush

242-shader brush
213- fluff brush

 263- sponge tip (labelled incorrectly)

 210-preceise lip linner brush
263SE- small angled brush 
316- lip brush

204-lash brush
217-blending brush

195- (incorrect number)

So there you go yes they may not be totally amazing brushes
Ok  some of the numbers on the brushes don't match up to what mac number them as but hey for £15 i love them!!

Have a nice day.
Hayley at Blogging Lovely xx

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for sharing.

    Very tempted to do something similar, would you say the brushes are quite soft and have staying power to not disintegrate after a couple of uses?

    Obviously they're not MAC, but how would you say they compare to more afforable ones like Eco tools and Real techniques. For £15 it's hard not to be tempted! xx