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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Cheap OPI Minnie Mouse nail varnish set!!

Hi just a really quick post ...... just to let you ladies know i've placed an order for the  Minnie Mouse mini nail varnish collection by OPI.

Im purchasing it from Buy a powa. Here

A quick guide to buy a powa for those that haven't heard of it is.....
Buy a powa advertise a product ie the Minnie Mouse nail polish. 
It starts at the rrp which in this case it £12.95 and as more people make a purchase the item price goes lower and lower as it means Buy a powa can then approach OPI and place a bulk order.
The current price for the above set is just £10.50 plus £1.95 postage which includes:

 Im All Ears 
If You Moust You Moust
The Colour Of Minnie and a finally a rapid dry top coat also from Opi which dries nails quickly leaving a high gloss shine. 

The next price drops are £9.50, £8.50 and finally if 100 people make a purchase just £7.50 and this bulk buy order finishes in just over 47 hours.
So if you too would like this set of cute mouse polish's click on the link. Make sure you click on my name Hayley Rason and i will get the product free and if you bid for something make sure you message me to so i can bulk buy with you and click on your name so you get the item for free as the person who introduces the most co buys gets the item for free!!
I hope you can make sense of my quick explanation for more info (of info that makes sense) visit there website they always have lots of brilliant items for sale so if the polish doesn't tickle your fancy have a look at what else is up for grabs on the bulk buying website.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Extra special guest post....... Reviewing Ebay make up brushes

My sister joins the bargain hunt………..

Having badgered my sister, Stacey to read my blog, mostly by mentioning her in numerous posts, she has now become an avid readerSo much so that I’ve even persuaded her to write a guest post for my little blog.

So here it is:

Ok, I’ll be honest with you.  Like most ladies, I like a bargain.  More so I like getting more of a bargain than my sister (sorry Hayley!).  It’s just one of those sisterly games we “Play”!

So when Hayley told me about her bargain brush set I was determined to outdo her (in a very loving big sisterly way of course).

I came across this eBay seller , who amongst other very nice looking things was selling 31 good quality brushes for £15.99 with free P & P (That’s 7 more brushes, if you’re keeping score.)

I’d never heard of the brand names before, so carried out extensive research (I looked on YouTube, which we all know is the fountain of knowledge).  I was impressed with some of the reviews the brushes seemed to be getting, and for the price I thought they were worth a try.

And I’m so glad I did.
The brushes are brand new, and are buy it now, so no messy auctions to contend with!

The brush roll they come in isn’t the best quality but its sturdy and each brush has its own place and cover.  Rolled up the holder is compact and easy to carry.

The brushes themselves are fab!  Especially for the price.  Only a couple of the brushes have lost any bristles, and I think that’s to be expected from any new brushes, don’t you?

I would have taken some pictures but having used them there not fit to be shown to anyone so you’ll have to make do with the publicity shots I’m afraid!

Amongst others the set consists of:
Blush brush, Large angled contour brush, Large powder brush, Lash brush, Brow comb brush, Large shader brush, Large shader, Shader brush, Small shader, Mini shader brush, Replaceable sponge tip applicator, Square shader, Eyeliner, Eye shading brush, Duster brush, Concealer brush, Lip, Lipliner brush, Flat definer, Small angle brush.

So that’s it……..How did I do for my 1st try?  Would you let me loose with another review?  I have the OPI mini NYC Ballet set just dying for an airing if you’re interested!
Stacey x

So there you go a first for Blogging Lovely 
Thank you for reviewing the brush set for us and im sure we will all look forward to another guest post soon reviewing the OPI ballet set??!!
Above is a beautiful picture of my sister so you can put a face to the name.
This is a photo taken of her on my wedding day when she was my chief bridesmaid. 
Doesn't she look lovely!! 

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Primark False Lashes just £1!!

Over the past few weekends i have been slightly mixing and may i say improving my weekend make up. 

During the week i don't always contour or fill in my eyebrows especially if we are running late for school (most mornings!)
 So when the weekend comes around i have been really enjoying taking time when applying my make and have loved having fun trying out new colours and products.

To complete my look i've been applying false eyelashes too. 
As ive said before my eyelashes are so dumpy and straight its nice to have a wide eye look every once in a while.

I've been using and absolutely loving Primarks £1 eyelashes.

Except ive not been using them in the usual way......No! Ive not been giving myself a sexy moustache with them i have been using just the one eyelash for both eyes, cutting it in half and applying it to just the outter half of my natural lashes to add a subtle touch of catty glam. Meow!!
 Above is a photo of the eyelash before i cut it and below is the whole lash trimmed and ready to apply.
 I would probably where the lashes in the usual way for a night out or for when i wanted to look extra glam!

But for an everyday look i am more than happy with the effect the half lashes give me and at just 50p a day (if like me you only where them once) they are amazing value.
 There light weight, comfortable, natural looking with a gorgeous fluttery look and make your eyes appear beautifully wider and in my case more blue!

 Im going to stock up on these little bad boys and at that price they may even become part of my week day makeup routine.
 I even prefer them to my usual choice of fake eyelashes by Eylure which are about £5!!
That's 5 packs sets or Primark lashes or 10 if you cut them down like me for just one of the Eylure set. 

So goodbye being on time for school 

So Goodbye expensive Eylure lashes
Goodbye to my son being on time for school.
Hello You £1 Primark pretties!!

Have you given the Primark eye lashes ago yet?

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Sparkly shoes!!! A girls Bestfriend

Hi Lovely's 

I've been really busy this week customising some new shoes for my website. 

If you don't already know i customise shoes for women and girls using sparky gems.
Here are the new ones ive been working on this week.

They are a beautiful aqua/blue peep toe heels with rows of sparkly aqua gems they are made using about 500 gems and are for sale for £35 and i send all the shoes out absolutely free as long as your in the UK!!
 They have a gorgeous silver sole.

I also customised these red and pink heels with a double row of sparkly pink gems.
Im selling them for £32 again with free uk delivery.

Last but not least here is shoe inspiration for the shoes im currently customising!!!!!
 There Christian louboutin's style heels and normally cost £3,795 (for the real deal)but on my website there only £50!!
They will be fully encrusted with 3 different sized sparkly gems and have red soles just like the real thing!!

There not quite finished yet but above are some sneak peak pictures.
I will post a pic of them when there finished.

Feel free to pop over to my facebook page for updates, new shoes and more pictures
Thanks so much. xx

Friday, 8 June 2012

A few weeks ago i was sent some shampoo and conditioner to try out from Boots.
Its from the new range of hair care by L'oreal.

I was sent the ever strong shampoo and conditioner that is designed to strengthen brittle over processed hair and its also sulphate free!!!

Sulphate is basically a chemical that is added to create bubbles.
 As we believe that bubbles, foam and lather are getting our hair really clean its also a cheap ingredient for the company's to use. 
However sulphates are actually bad for our hair and so although they apperar to be friendly little bubbles they are doing more damage than good especially if you wash you hair everyday.
Sulphates are very drying and can damage the hair follicles which could lead to hair loss it can also make your hair colour fade a lot quicker!
So with all the above in mind i was really excited to try it out.

I presumed that sulphate free meant no luscious lathering but i was wrong it lathered really well it smells really lovely quite herbal and organic and left my hair feeling really clean, strong and shinny. A real hair and scalp treat.

The only downsides i have personally found for me are....... 
its quite pricey at £5.99 per 250ml tube. I always use shampoo and conditioner so i would have to spend £11.98 to buy both.

Also as i've said in previous blogs i don't wash my hair too often as it just doesn't need it but when using this duo i did find i was needing to wash my hair more often which was a bit of a pain and also meant i was using more shampoo and conditioner meaning i would have to spend £11.98 too soften so for me this shampoo isn't really for me.

However if you wash your hair everyday or even every other day this is definitely worth a try it would also be great for colored hair.
 Im tempted by the deep conditioning mask in the same range i love treating my hair to a good soak in a hair mask every now and again its £6.99 from Boots so a little more affordable for the amount and time i would use it for. Hair mask link.

Hope you have a lovely weekend
Hayley at Blogging Lovely xx