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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Novembers Beauty favorites!

As promised on yesterdays blog here are the beauty products i have been using this month.
 Some of them are some classic favorites i have had for a while which i've started using again and some are some newbies.

Hair Products
The current weather we have been having has been taking its toll on my already dry hair and so i have been trying to keep it looking nice by using my favorite shampoo the Toni and Guy nourish shampoo and conditioner it leaves my hair feeling really soft (but not fluffy), nourished and strong. It lathers up really well and i even put it on my Christmas wish list that i send my husband out to the shops with every year (Does anyone else have to give there partner a shopping list for presents?)
I have also been trying to let my hair dry naturally and spritzing it with Charles Worthington's heat defense spray this is by far my favorite product for protecting my hair from styling products. It protects my hair but leaves it soft without leaving any sticky residue my hair.

Nail Products
I have found myself reaching for the red nail varnish lately i don't know if its because im so excited for Christmas already!! but non the less i think that red is a classic look and i can't get enough!
 I have been wearing Barry M's Bright red a really strong bright red that only needs one coat but lasts ages.
I have been removing the red polish ready for a new layer of... well... red! LOL Using Boots elegant touch 'Get Em Off ' nail varnish remover. It removes nail varnish really quickly without leaving your nails feeling damaged and dry. 
I actually bought this to soak my acrylic nails off with and it worked wonders! 
I have previously blogged about how to remove your acrylic nails at home if you need help with it.

Lip Products
To match my red nails i have been wearing Barry M's Touch of magic green lipstick. I love this lipstick i think it has amazing staying power as its more of a lip stain than a lipstick. 
The lipstick itself is green but when applied its a gorgeous raspberry red. Which i've heard can be slightly different shades on different people. I feel an experiment coming on!
When wanting more of a softer look i have been reaching Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in shade 3 a biscuit colour with a touch of girly pink. Its has a really lovely creamy consistency. 
I have been looking to buy another one from her range of lipsticks but can't seem to find them in my local Boots or Superdrug.
I wanted to buy the creme brulee vasaline but remeberd my sister bought my a Yankee Candle lip balm in butter cream which i think smells quit similar its really smooth and creamy and i have been putting it on before bed.
Ive also been throwing the Nivea sos lipbalm in my bag for dry lips on the go. My son had a little scratch on this lip from a little incident at school, i put this on his lips for 2 days and it went away! Its leave your lips really soft and moiturised but does leave a slight white sheen on ur lips so less is more.

Face and Body Products
I have been having real problems with my teeth lately with sensitive teeth and toothache. 
To ease the ache i am having to have a filling on Monday and if that doesn't work i will have to have the nerve removed!! Scary! 
To ease the sensitivity however i have been using Sensodyne extra fresh toothpaste i tried the cheaper options but eneded up buying the real McCoy in the end and it really does work. Like my mum says you buy cheap you buy twice and in this case she was right.
We had our final wedding of the year last week and i wore a dress from Coast i borrowed it off my mum as most off my dresses had been worn to previous wedding throughout the year.
 The dress was gorgeous, a nude lace top attached to a slimming black pencil skirt i didn't want to wear tights and didn't have time to fake tan so in desperation i slapped on Rimmel's sun shimmer wash off fake tan i was a little nerveous as i hadn't tried it before but i thought it was amazing it left me with a gorgeous holiday tan and wasn't at all streaky. I applied it using my fake tan mitt and it looked great the only downside to this product i found was that it does have a shimmer to it which i wasn't to keen on but it was an evening reception so luckily you couldn't see the shimmer and it was perfect for a quick fix for my Disney skin legs!
I am still enjoying using the Tea Tree cleansing pads from Superdrug i have found that using them twice a day was stripping my skin bot just from bad things but good too my skin seems to be a bit sensitive to change at the moment so i have been using them about twice a week to remove dry skin and banish spots. So far its working!
I've also gone back to using my sleek blusher in pixie pink which i actually bought thinking it was a completely different colour. 
Someone had put it back in the wrong place and stupidly didn't check the back to see if it was the one i wanted howver its been a pretty good mistake. I was actually supposed to buy there peachy coral looking one i can't remember what its called i wore it on my wedding day and went to buy some to put in my bag so i could reapply during the day so i got a big shock when i opened up the pallet when i got home as it looks luminous pink but on the skin it gives a nice pop of girly pink to my winter skin.
 I never did go back and get the sleek peachy blush i wanted.
Last but not least i have been treating my face to a mask every Sunday night using Avon's pure pore-perfection skin refining mask its a really think light mud/green mask that leaves my skin feeling soft and squeaky clean!

P.S Thanks for all your lovely messages on my previous blog my son is back to his usual cheeky self now and will be back to school tomorrow. xxx

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Its the small things in life xxx

My little solidier Daniel has been off school for the last 2 days with a high temp and a sore throat Bless him. 
I have been cheering him up by making paper Christmas Decorations with him and watching kids films with lots of  hot chocolates. Today's film choice was Matlida.
I know i'm not the only one that's watched this film and enjoyed it .

In return he made me a really sweet I love you card.

It says: To Mummy I love you Mum xxx

As you can see he has got my look spot on. Just look at my realistic eyes and short bobbed hair cut lol.
Arh bless him it made my day and so i wanted to break from the usual blog posts and share it with you all.
I hope your all staying warm and healthy.
Tomorrows blog with be my November Favorites so until then xx

Monday, 28 November 2011

Boots product tester - update 3- Une BB cream

A few days ago i was sent the Une intuitve touch BB cream foundation from Boots to product test.

I was sent the lightest colour that they do 101 which is the perfect shade for my pasty skin. 
It comes with a mini applicator brush and is in sleek slide up packaging with a mirror on the front, perfect for on the go touch ups.
The une BB cream foundation promises to be a multi function treatment that camouflages small skin blemishes, unifies, soothes and protects they even say it has the power to make your complexion soft all in one application.
So with high hopes i started to apply the BB cream to my imperfections, under eye circles, spots you know the usual things us women strive to keep hidden. 
Unlike a lot of BB creams this one come in a solid form. I used my fingers to apply it as i found the brush wasn't very good i pressed the product lightly onto my skin and found it to have full coverage so did quite a good job on hiding my yucks!
I was actually quite impressed so carried on applying it to my face covering freckles etc as i went.
 Once i had pretty flawless looking skin i picked up the mirror to inspect my face properly and as i did  i noticed how powdery my face looked! It looked like i had put talc on my face! It looked awful and so i took it all off again!! 
Therefore i think this product is very over priced at £14.49 as i would only use it to dab onto spots to mask them before my usual make up. I wouldn't put it under my eyes as it just made them look worse.
 I really wanted to like this product and after all the claims it made to give me perfect skin i feel very let down.

Blogging Lovely rating-
Expensive but gives full coverage for the odd spot but far to powdery for every where on your face.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Review- Air Wick Colour Change Candle.

Brrr its been freezing lately hasn't it and so i have enjoyed getting cosy on the sofa, watching tv and lighting some candles.
I love Yankee Candles but as i think there quite expensive i hate to light them, i know that makes no sense its a candle that's what its for but i just can't bring myself to light it. My sister is obsessed with anything Yankee i will have to do a blog post on all the different ones she has but in my eyes she commits the ultimate Yankee sin...... she lights them!!!!! tut tut
So anyway this week i treated myself to a candle i was happy to light and bought the new Air Wick colour change candle from Asda currently on offer from £6 to £3.
Its comes in a little frosted glass pot but has a secret hidden within!!
 When you light the candle the whole glass glows with light gently changing through lots of gorgeous colours and gives you a mini light show.
 It also fills the room with a light but yummy smell.
 I choose the rich vanilla and caramel swirl one which just encourages me to watch it eating galaxy caramel chocolate only a big  small bar mind you!
They also do:
Mulled wine and cinnamon apple- (Perfect for crimbo)
Precious silk and oriental orchids
Cocoa truffle and creme

I'm not quite sure how it works as to look at it you would just think it was a normal candle but i'm guessing there is a hidden and protected light underneath the candle that's heat activated but however it works i love it. 
Here it is in action-
Please not i took the following photos on my mobile not the easiest taking a picture of a bright candle in the dark but you get the idea. x

The following video is one i obviously took myself again on my mobile (yes my filming skills are a lot worse than my photographing), whilst my son was watching The Simpsons and the video is the wrong way round......
so if you fancy catching up with The Simsons and getting neck ache press play LOL.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Boots Weekly Star Gift - 3

Boots New Star Gift of the week this week is.....
Gok products and vanity case of which includes:

  • Body Wash - 200ml
  • Shower Scrub - 200ml
  • Rich Moisturising Body Butter - 180ml
  • "Liquid Gold" Body Wash - 200ml
  • "Liquid Gold" Bath Essence - 200ml
  • "Deluxe Gold" Body Butter - 180ml
  • Organza Body Puff

Was £45 now £22 which is on offer now and till Thursday 1st of December (Christmas countdown day!!!)

I am a big fan of Gok i think he helps thousands of women feel more body confident and i wouldn't mind him giving me a make over however im not to sure i would use him beauty products.

Here are the above products in more detail.
I think the video idea is great as the products and vanity case are much bigger than i thought.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Review- Loreal hair dye- Casting Crem Gloss

Its that time again when my grey hair is starting to take over my head so im reaching for that bottle of hair dye.
As you may already know from a previous blog i picked up quite a few hair dyes in Asda as they were selling them off for only £1, even though i picked up 4 boxes of different types of hair dye from 10 minute dyes to moose ones i couldn't resist adding a new one to my dye rations.
So i picked up Loreal casting creme gloss in 432 Rich Espresso as it was still only £1 in my local Asda. As i have said before all the dyes i got are all brown so in my final photos you probably won't be able to see a great deal of change but as long as it covers my grey's and doesn't make my hair dull and damage im happy!!

In the box you get :
  • 1 tube of no - ammonia creme colorant
  • 1 tube of developer and precision tip
  • 1 bottle of shine enhancing conditioner with royal jelly!
  • A pair of gloves
  • Outer box
  • Instructions 

The hair dye promises to blend away grey's leaving you with natural visible shimmering tones in your hair. It also says that it will leave your hair feeling nourished and will last for 28 shampoos

The Application:

I started off by wetting my hair and towel drying it.
I then pushed through the punched hole in the box which perfectly fits the developer creme tube.

I then screwed on the pink colorant tube onto the developer creme and squeezed the colorant in. I love this idea you don't have to worry about knocking over the pot and making a mess so i found this to be a simple but very effective idea.

 Once i had added the colorant i attached the precision tip to the tube and gave it a shake.

I  put on the gloves which felt like plastic bags and were a bit big for my hands.
 I much prefer the latex ones but am seeing them less and less of them in home dyes maybe this is so people with latex allergies are able to use the dye too

I loved the application it felt really creamy almost like conditioner and  i felt it covered each strand of hair so it reassured me that there wouldn't be any stray grey's hiding from its new life as a brunette!

After 20 minutes i rinsed off the dye. During rinsing i noticed that my hair didn't feel too dry and that the dye coming out was a cup of tea colour lol! Sorry its the only thing i could think off.
 I found it really easy to rinse out and it wasn't long till the water was running clear.
 After which i massaged the royal jelly shine conditioner into my hair left it for the stated 2 minutes and done a final rinse.
I styled my hair as usual and voila!! 
(I didn't put any styling products on it so show you the true colour/shine)

I'm really happy with the end result my hair felt quite soft and had a nice healthy shine to it. 
It also covered all my greys YAY!!!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Free Models own lipgloss

Remember the free nails inc nail varnish offer boots have had in the past. 
Well its back and this time when you buy 2 500ml bottles of coke you get a 
models own Christmas kisses lip gloss. 

Available in 4 different colours.

Pure Plum

Lacquer Red

Glossy Pink

and Gold Nude

From the 16th November to the 27th December and Worth £6 each

Monday, 21 November 2011

Goodbye Glossy Box xx

So following my earlier blog post today showing the contents of the November Glossy Box ive actually decided to cancel my love hate relationship with them.
I have been subscribed to Glossy Box since June and for the last 2-3 boxes i have received i have played with the idea of cancelling the subscription and the November box gave me the push i needed.
I think that £12.95 a month is quite expensive to spend on samples a month i know thats rather an odd quote as that's what i signed up for but when i first signed up there was no charge for postage which is £2.95 now and i just feel the samples have let me down more times than they have got me excited.
So this morning i opened my box, blogged about the contents and cancelled my subscription whilst i felt disappointed if i hadn't have done it straight away i would have just put the box down to a not so Glossy month for Glossy Box.
So out with the old and in with the new i say and so as soon as i had cancelled my subscription to Glossy i decided to subscribe to the Feel Unique Beauty Box at a monthly subscription of £9.95 saving me £3 a month i know that doesn't seem a huge saving but its enough to buy a month:

x3 MUA eye dusts- Superdrug

NYC false eyelashes and an MUA eye dust

A Barry M nail varnish (with change)

2 pack hoops and a 9 pack of hair bands both from new look.

A pair or cute bow slippers and a 2 pack of hair clips both from Matalan

Well you get the idea LOL. 
I am due to receive my first box early December so not to long to wait lovely's and of course i will keep you posted (excuse the pun)

November Glossy Box Spoiler!!

November Glossy Box Spoiler
Please don't read on if you want yours to be a surprise!
Includes pictures

After a very disturbed sleep last night from toothache OUCH!
It was a lovely pick me up this morning to receive the November Glossy Box.

 This months theme is part of a series in there gift guide so inside the box we have 5 products to try before you buy.
Inside i received:
1- Philip Kingsley- Elasticizer. A shampoo treatment that adds elasticity, manageability, bounce and shine 40ml
Worth £52.10 for a full 500ml
20% off code

Sorry for this shockingly awful picture!
2- Arbonne ultra hydrating hand creme- 15ml
£19 full size

3-Illamasqua Eau De Parfum in Freak- 1.5ml 
Full size £59
20% off code

Top Notes:
Black Davana
Opium Flower

Heart Notes:
Poison Hemlock
Queen Of The Night

Base Notes:

4- Dead Sea Spa Mask- Deeply nourishes dry/ sensitive skin 25ml
Full size £8.80
25% off code

5- Nail Rock Designer Nail Wraps in a red and black lace design.
Worth £6.56
15% off code

Full review of all the products in more detail to follow.
What do you think of this Novembers Glossy Box?

Sunday, 20 November 2011

The BIG Knit 2011

 Check out these smoothies aren't they funny they are wearing little woolly hats that have been hand knitted by lots of lovely people (including you if your any good at knitting) and even better 25p from each bottles goes to AGE UK charity that helping old people stay warm this winter. They are available from Sainsburys and Boots.
If like me you can't knit pick up a bottle and take a funny pic of your cat, boyfriend or yourself and send it to innocent smoothie website to win some goodies.

Here are the cute little smoothies in there hats that i got

 If you would like to read more check out the Innocent drinks website here xx