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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Novembers Beauty favorites!

As promised on yesterdays blog here are the beauty products i have been using this month.
 Some of them are some classic favorites i have had for a while which i've started using again and some are some newbies.

Hair Products
The current weather we have been having has been taking its toll on my already dry hair and so i have been trying to keep it looking nice by using my favorite shampoo the Toni and Guy nourish shampoo and conditioner it leaves my hair feeling really soft (but not fluffy), nourished and strong. It lathers up really well and i even put it on my Christmas wish list that i send my husband out to the shops with every year (Does anyone else have to give there partner a shopping list for presents?)
I have also been trying to let my hair dry naturally and spritzing it with Charles Worthington's heat defense spray this is by far my favorite product for protecting my hair from styling products. It protects my hair but leaves it soft without leaving any sticky residue my hair.

Nail Products
I have found myself reaching for the red nail varnish lately i don't know if its because im so excited for Christmas already!! but non the less i think that red is a classic look and i can't get enough!
 I have been wearing Barry M's Bright red a really strong bright red that only needs one coat but lasts ages.
I have been removing the red polish ready for a new layer of... well... red! LOL Using Boots elegant touch 'Get Em Off ' nail varnish remover. It removes nail varnish really quickly without leaving your nails feeling damaged and dry. 
I actually bought this to soak my acrylic nails off with and it worked wonders! 
I have previously blogged about how to remove your acrylic nails at home if you need help with it.

Lip Products
To match my red nails i have been wearing Barry M's Touch of magic green lipstick. I love this lipstick i think it has amazing staying power as its more of a lip stain than a lipstick. 
The lipstick itself is green but when applied its a gorgeous raspberry red. Which i've heard can be slightly different shades on different people. I feel an experiment coming on!
When wanting more of a softer look i have been reaching Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in shade 3 a biscuit colour with a touch of girly pink. Its has a really lovely creamy consistency. 
I have been looking to buy another one from her range of lipsticks but can't seem to find them in my local Boots or Superdrug.
I wanted to buy the creme brulee vasaline but remeberd my sister bought my a Yankee Candle lip balm in butter cream which i think smells quit similar its really smooth and creamy and i have been putting it on before bed.
Ive also been throwing the Nivea sos lipbalm in my bag for dry lips on the go. My son had a little scratch on this lip from a little incident at school, i put this on his lips for 2 days and it went away! Its leave your lips really soft and moiturised but does leave a slight white sheen on ur lips so less is more.

Face and Body Products
I have been having real problems with my teeth lately with sensitive teeth and toothache. 
To ease the ache i am having to have a filling on Monday and if that doesn't work i will have to have the nerve removed!! Scary! 
To ease the sensitivity however i have been using Sensodyne extra fresh toothpaste i tried the cheaper options but eneded up buying the real McCoy in the end and it really does work. Like my mum says you buy cheap you buy twice and in this case she was right.
We had our final wedding of the year last week and i wore a dress from Coast i borrowed it off my mum as most off my dresses had been worn to previous wedding throughout the year.
 The dress was gorgeous, a nude lace top attached to a slimming black pencil skirt i didn't want to wear tights and didn't have time to fake tan so in desperation i slapped on Rimmel's sun shimmer wash off fake tan i was a little nerveous as i hadn't tried it before but i thought it was amazing it left me with a gorgeous holiday tan and wasn't at all streaky. I applied it using my fake tan mitt and it looked great the only downside to this product i found was that it does have a shimmer to it which i wasn't to keen on but it was an evening reception so luckily you couldn't see the shimmer and it was perfect for a quick fix for my Disney skin legs!
I am still enjoying using the Tea Tree cleansing pads from Superdrug i have found that using them twice a day was stripping my skin bot just from bad things but good too my skin seems to be a bit sensitive to change at the moment so i have been using them about twice a week to remove dry skin and banish spots. So far its working!
I've also gone back to using my sleek blusher in pixie pink which i actually bought thinking it was a completely different colour. 
Someone had put it back in the wrong place and stupidly didn't check the back to see if it was the one i wanted howver its been a pretty good mistake. I was actually supposed to buy there peachy coral looking one i can't remember what its called i wore it on my wedding day and went to buy some to put in my bag so i could reapply during the day so i got a big shock when i opened up the pallet when i got home as it looks luminous pink but on the skin it gives a nice pop of girly pink to my winter skin.
 I never did go back and get the sleek peachy blush i wanted.
Last but not least i have been treating my face to a mask every Sunday night using Avon's pure pore-perfection skin refining mask its a really think light mud/green mask that leaves my skin feeling soft and squeaky clean!

P.S Thanks for all your lovely messages on my previous blog my son is back to his usual cheeky self now and will be back to school tomorrow. xxx


  1. ooo, I've never seen the Yankee Candle lipbalsm before, where would I be able to purchase one of these? Just the usual? x

  2. i keep eyeing up that green lipstick, more for its quirkyness. i also love the kate moss lipstick, i have the nude colour in 08. its gorgeous, ive swatched my favourate kate moss lipsticks here if you want to see before you decide x


  3. i want to try the yankee candle lipbalms xx

    my blog : http://ravingbeautyx.blogspot.com/


  4. Kate and RavingBeautyx--- Sorry for the late reply. My sister got me the Yankee lip balm so kept meaning to ask her and kept forgetting however i have had a quick googgle and found it on the yankee doodle website which also sells yankee candles cheaply my sister has also purchased from there many times so can recommend the website and well as the candle and lip balm lol £3.75 Here the link for you both. copy and paste-

    Laura- Get it Laura its such a great buy i wear mine loads. I wrote a little note on ur blog as i checked out ur lipstick swatches and now i want more lol xx