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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Peptalash Review

Hi Lovely's!
So its been about 2 weeks of applying the Peptalash serum to my lashes morning and night and so i can now finally write my final review for this product.

Below is a photo of how the serum comes packaged.

What is peptalash?  
Peptalash is a serum that helps to make your natural lashes appear thicker, fuller and longer in as little as 2 weeks! Sounds good eh?

Where can i buy Peptalash?
 Peptalash is currently only available from selected Boots stores and is £24.99.

What does peptalash look like? 
 It comes in an almost identical bottle to liquid eyeliner with a matching slim brush applicator, however the serum inside is clear.

How do you apply Peptalash?
 You apply peptalash morning and night to clean dry eyelashes going along the base of your eyelashes starting from the inner corner working outwards using the slim applicator brush.



I found the whole process easy, its easy to apply and as the serum is clear its mess free and mistake free. BUT ...

As you can see from the above photos (apologies there not very pretty)
There has been eye my eyes (haha get it?) pretty much no change!

Apart from the fact it has made no difference i also think it has a huge price tag especially as i have mentioned before on the back of the bottle is states the product can only be kept for one month. 
I also found that if the serum got into my eye which to be fair is going to happen when applying it to short lashes it actually really stings.

So rather disappointingly i really don't rate this product i will carry on using it and will blog if i see a change in the results.
 Save your hard earned cash and stick to lengthening mascaras, fake eyelashes or if you want something to give you that glamerus lash effect everyday buy the Model co fibre lash mascara which is currently on offer from £35 to £30 in Boots.
 Ive found this gives an instant longer fuller lash and lasts a lot longer than 1 month its also cheaper than Pepalash and your usual mascara.
I can do a full review on the fibre lash mascara if you would like?

Have a nice day
Hayley at BloggingLovelyxx

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