My names Hayley and i'm currently enjoying the new world of blogging.
I enjoy chatting so feel blogging is the perfect place for me to share thoughts, tips, buys, wants, gossip and pictures with you lovely fellow bloggers.
Much love Hayley xx

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

I have been awarded a blog award!!!

As you can tell from the icon above i have been awarded a blog award from the lovely Kristin!!
I would like to say a huge thank you to her as i only started my blog recently and i have been suprised at how much i love blogging and how kind all your messages to me have been.
If you havn't already done to have a look at Kristins blog.
Its full of great photos, tips, storage and gorgeous nail varnish's and of course her cutie hamster Harley.

So now to the 7 interesting facts about me!
1- I have a 6 year old son called Daniel
2- I was born in Ipswich but live in Hertfordshire
3- My lucky number is 3
4- I'm good at decorating IE wallpapering, painting etc
5- Im a qualified nursery nurse
6- I spent 7hrs and 30 mins sticking  2500 gems to my bridal shoes.
7-I have been married for just under 3 months

As with all the good things in life there are a few little rules if you are awarded.
*Thank the person who awarded you and give a link back to there blog.
* Write 7 random facts about yourself that people may not already know.
*Spread the love and award 15 other bloggers.

So i would like to spread the love and award blog awards to:

1- Kate- http://aworldfullofprettiness.blogspot.com/
2- Lyndsey- http://misslyndseyja.blogspot.com/
3- Abby- http://un-observed.blogspot.com/
4- Hannah- http://missnellyelephant.blogspot.com/
5- Muhsine- http://bubblegarm.blogspot.com/
6- Hannah- http://awaywiththefairiess.blogspot.com/
7- Sabrina- http://a-littleobsessed.blogspot.com/
8- Chloe-  http://blushcrush1.blogspot.com/
9- Sarah- http://xbeautygeekx.blogspot.com/
10- sweetchie85-  http://sweetchie85.blogspot.com/
11- The Beauty Slice UK Beauty Blog- http://www.thebeautyslice.com/
12- Lauren- http://ravingbeautyx.blogspot.com/
13- Jen -http://goodgirlgonered.blogspot.com/
14- Nikkay- http://slavetofashion-fashionslave.blogspot.com/
15- Sarah- http://xxsarahlouxx.blogspot.com/
Some of the above bloggers maybe newbies like me but i'm already enjoying there blogs.

Requested Bunting tutorial...xx

Following my who lives in a house like this blog one of my subscribers Jen asked me to explain how i made the featured bunting.

Here a link to Jens blog too- http://goodgirlgonered.blogspot.com/   xx

I thought i would make it as simple as possible and write a separate blog about it.
I made loads and loads of bunting to decorate our wedding reception in July i wanted it to be shabby chic pretty and easy.
You will need:
a sewing machine

For my wedding bunting i bought 3 different styles of fabric from Dun Elm for £8 per meter and i used a meter of each.
 However you can use old bed sheets, tops, jeans, off cuts of fabric anything!
I'm using an old Top Shop top just to show u xx

Step 1.-  Cut out a cardboard triangle. This is the stencil you will use to mark out the sewing line for your bunting.
My triangle is 12cm at the top and 15cm at the sides
(notice the faint line down the middle of the fabric this helped me find the middle of the the bunting)

Step 3- Using your cardboard stencil draw around your triangle x2 onto your chosen fabric  
(If your fabric has a pattern draw on the back)

Step 3- Cut out your fabric triangle leaving a rough 1cm edge along both 15cm lines the top of the bunting can be cut straight along your pen line.

Step 4- Pin 2 triangles back to back So the pattern is on the inside. You should be able to see pen on both triangles.

Step 5- Sew along the two side edges leaving the top open so its like a triangle puppet and turn inside out so you can now see the pattern and iron flat.

Step 6- Fold your ribbon in half long ways and iron shut.

Place the top of your bunting (only open side left) inside the the folded ribbon pin and sew closed.

Step 6- Using another piece of card measure out a spacer card, this just makes it easier to keep the spaces in between the bunting even you can have as big of a gap as you like i kept this simple and choose 6cm. 
Lay this between each ready made bunting triangle and sew on...

I hope this makes sense to you all its quite difficult to write sewing instructions down but its actually really easy to make.
 Happy Sewing Blogging Bunting!! xx

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Shabby chic. Who lives in a house like this??

Well.... Me!
I wanted to share some pictures of my home with you I thought it would be a bit different from my usual Blogs and iv'e noticed that a few of you also like shabby chic, french, retro styles like me.

If you like any of the above or have a taste for interior design read on my lovely's...... xx
(Includes lots of photos.x)

The 1st picture is of my bed which is a cream bed knobs and broom sticks type bed from Argos. The floral  bedding was a set from Matalan i just folded the bed sheet in half to make a floral throw at the foot of the bed. The pink blanket is From Ikea and the blue duvet cover is from Argos. My bed is crying out for some scatter cushions much to the annoyance of my husband lol! (men just don't appreciate a good scatter cushion)

This is a wooden heart shaped chalk board from the range that hangs in our hallway which hangs from the white hook frame which is also from the Range.

The wire heart candle holders were our table centers at our wedding so now i have 8 of them!!
They are from the Range.
The little china bird in from Wilkinsons

Here we have a cream wire heart that holds special photos of my family.
It hangs in our living room and is from the Range.

This is a lace effect metal plant pot from Ikea. I will admit to you girls that the plant also from Ikea
 is a fake! lol

The most important thing to me... Family.
From Home Bargains

Cream metal and glass candle holder, this was on our top table and looks great in our living room now.
Its from the Range.

Home made bunting i spent many nights making meters and meters of bunting for our wedding and now it hangs in our bedroom and living room with loads to spare! I made it using fabric from Dun elm.
(Can do a how to if requested)
Below is a little pic of it decorating our wedding reception.

Spotty china plant pot from Home Base with an Aloe Vera plant in it bought from my local village fate.
(see this is why i buy fake plants its looking very sorry for itself)

Welcome sign that sits on top of a big mirror in my living room
 maybe should be in the hall though ???
which is from Dun Elm.

Two Retro Marmite canvas that hang in our kitchen.
I bought the two Canvas pictures from BHS in the January sales.

Hambuger hook and metal peg pot hangs in my kitchen i can't remember where i bought either of these as I've had them a while. 
Left to right sat on a white floating shelf - Another fake plant from Dun Elm, a wooden Easter figure made by my son from Hobby Craft, a long white china plant pots that holds my mini cook books from the £1 shop, a little terracotta pot a painted white that holds mini pencils, a wooden chalk box and a china cup cake pot from Home And Bargains that has needles and thread in it The chalk board above i made myself, using chalk board paint and off cuts of dado rail
 (I can do a separate blog if anyone want more info x )

Cath Kidston mugs from John Lewis.

A wooden frame with an old Pic of my son in it from Dun Elm

and finally we have a metal bedside table from Ikea, 2 shabby chic photo frames the left is of my husbands parents on there wedding day and the right is a photo of my parents the frames are from Dun Elm.
In the middle is a wooden heart jewelry box from Marks and Spencers and the metal key which reminds me of Alice in Wonderland is from John Lewis.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed the little glimpse into my home and the type of things we like.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Charity Shop find!

I just wanted to share with you in a quick blog my charity shop find.
Its a gorgeous turquoise/ jade colour top with ruffle (great for small chests like me) in a silky material originally from Top Shop but I only paid £2.99 for it which i think was a great find!

I love hunting in charity shops for bargains i think there a great place to find unusual, vintage items that on't have crazy price tags and your obviously helping people in need.

My sister, Stacey and I have an ongoing charity shop war which basically involves hunting in charity shops for great buys like cheap designer stuff and sending a picture message of your bargain followed by a childish message of :
 "Look what i just got!!"x.

Anyway back to my purchase here it is.....

What buy would win you the Charity shop war?? xx

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Bargain Beauty Haul xx

 A quick blog full of photos and beauty bargains.
 Let me know if you have tried any of them as they were all 1st buys for me.

The 1st thing i bought was this Hello Kitty pencil case.... No not for pencils! but for makeup brushes its an extra thin case so thought i would be perfect to stop me routing through in in the morning to find one! I got it from W H Smith and it should have been £3.99 but was reduced to £1.99 and because its pencil case material i can just chuck it in the washing machine when it gets a bit dirty.

I've been wanting to try these after watching SWalkers You Tube videos and its the Natural Collection body sprays from Boots. 
After sniffing all of them i finally settled on Ice musk which reminds me of the Lush shop and a certain perfume my sister has i think its called vanillary (?) just obviously not as strong and at only £2.03 for 150ml i might just collect them all.I actually didn't realise how many different flavours they have i was quite impressed and now.....
 i can't stop sniffing myself!

I've just ran out of my Pantene hairspray that was on special offer in Wilkinsons and now i see its gone back up to full price which is too expensive for me so i bought a HUGE can of VO5 high volume weather resistant hairspray (great for winter and frizzy hair like mine). This is a 400ml can and was only £1.52 it didn't say it was reduced so i presume its always be £1.52 but just in case i may go and stock up!

Lately my teeth have been so sensitive to hot, cold, warm... you name is it sets them on edge so i'm going to give the Colgate sensitive pro relief toothpaste a go i actually went intending to buy Sensodyne but this was cheaper so thought its worth ago. Boots £1.83

Don't you feel proud when you actually finish a product i know i do. I often tend to stock buy shampoos, conditioners, body washes etc so i feel i've achieved when i actually finish one.
So i gave myself a gold star and picked up a new facial wash the Garnier pure deep clean cream wash  its currently on special offer in Boots for £2.79 saving a £1.

I went into Superdrug to pick up the heaven and earth palette but they were completely sold out (sob sob) so i picked up 3 individual MUA products instead. 2 nail varnishes and an eye shadow £1 each.

The photo isn't great sorry its alctually abit darker a sort of cherry red
Shade 8

Galaxy chocolate brown colour
shade 7

A really pretty deep pink shimmer eye shadow
Shade 24 pearl
BUSTED - Please excuse the yum yum in my hand hahaha
Finally i picked up a yummy treat for my lips (after the yum yum of course) a glossy lip balm called
 I love.. strawberries & milkshake and its delicious tastes exactly like that and has a soft pink gloss to it there were other flavors too at it was only 99p from Superdrug its quite a tall pot with 15g in it so great bargain!

Enjoy the rest of Sunday whatever your all up too.xx
 I am being nagged to play Lego pirates of the Caribbean wii with my son lol!! xxx

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Wild thing i think i love you........

Looking for something to wear this morning it suddenly hit me.......
My name is Hayley and  im addicted to leopard print!!
and here's the evidence......

Leopard clutch bag- Priamrk

Leopard platform heels- Primark

Leopard stretchy bracelet- Priamrk

Leopard court shoes- New look

Leopard shopper bag- Primark

Black and white leopard shirt- H&m

Leopard shirt- New Look

Leopard heart t shirt- Market

Leopard stretchy top- New Look