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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Help needed please!! xx

I recently tried to add photos onto a blog post i was writing but when i tried to upload my photos i was faced with the following message.

Whoops! You're out of space. You are currently using 100% of your 1 GB quota for photos. Upgrade storage
Photos are stored in your Picasa Web Albums account and are included in your 1 GB free quota for photos. Additional storage that you purchase is shared between several Google products and is in addition to your free quota. Learn more

I have clicked on the upgrade storage and i would have to pay for extra storage.
Have any of you come across this with your blog?
 Any advice you could offer me would be greatly appreciated.
 Thanks in advance 
Hayley xx

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Revlon Colourstay nail varnish review

This morning i received a nail polish to review from Revlon called Revlon Colourstay Longwear Nail Enamel.
I love Revlon products and i'm currently using Revlon Colourstay foundation, i say currently as im quite often on the search for a new foundation. Its a never ending journey!

I was sent the colour 290 Midnight its a rich deep jade colour. 

Not my usual shade as you know red is the love of my life but i think its a really nice everyday colour and would look fab with a pair of simple jeans.
So as im such a big fan of Revlon i took off my red polish i was wearing and  instantly tried it.

There are 30 shades in the range plus a base and top coat. Which include:
Red- Red carpet
Baby pink-Cafe pink
Raspeberry- Velvet rope
Purple- Bold sangria
Just to name a few.

The Revlon colour stay polish was inspired by professional salons the gel formula provides intense colour and a gel like shine at home without the use for a uv light.
The brush is a nice sturdy chunky little flat brush that allowed me to apply the colour evenly with a streak free finish with an amazing shine! Believe it or not i also only needed to apply just one coat!

If truth be told i'm not mad on the colour i was sent but i am on the actual polish.
I completely agree with all the promises that Revlon stated it really does give a salon shine look with the quick swipe of a precise brush.

Sadly i cant comment on the colour stay aspect of the polish as i have only just painted them but i will report back to you in a few days with how well it lasted. Relvon state that the polish would last up to 11 days with a base and top coat!!  I think there pretty well price at £7.99 each so to be honest as long as it last around 2 days i would definately re purchase another colour as im so impressed by the finished result.

Monday, 16 July 2012

1st Wedding Anniversary celebrations! xxxxxx

A year ago today i married my lovely husband Ben and as our 1st wedding anniversary falls on a Monday this year we decided to book a very special weekend away at a Marriot hotel and spa which is the same hotel we stayed at after our wedding reception so its very special to us.

We had an amazing time and felt fully rejuvenated on our return i thought i would share some of the photos we took of our weekend away.

Check in was at 3pm and i had booked a surprise champagne wedding breakfast for us at 3.30 so i had about 25 mins to stall Ben but he kept asking if we could go and find the bar! 
I managed to keep him in the room for about 10-15 mins whilst we unpacked a few bits and Ben worked out the tv (men!)
 So as 3.30 finally started to come round i told him we would go and look for the bar. 
We took a few pic's on the way to waste a bit of time.
I went all out Primark and wore
A navy and white polka dot skirt it has pretty ruffles on the back.
A white blouse that has floaty sleeves finished with pretty beads
and a pair of navy heels.

Ben wore:
His black wedding suit trousers
A blue and white striped shirt with white collar and cuff from Mark & Spencers
and his black Next shoes.

We walked into the room where the wedding breakfast was being served and Ben says to the lady 
"excuse me".......... and i jump in with "I have a reservation for afternoon tea" his face was priceless!!

We sat down and two glasses of rose Champagne we poured for us and we were then brought a delicious selection of sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam and pastries.
Everything was really yummy and we ate everything!!
 Beautiful painted ceiling and sparkly chandelier. 

 Afternoon tea

Almost to pretty to eat.... almost!!

After our Afternoon tea we walked around the hotel and grounds which were stunning. 
We also went and took some photos of our suite !
 Little living room area

 nice comfy bed

 No fighting for the sink here.

Me in the beautiful court yard
After we looked around the hotel etc we grabbed our swimmers and headed for the the pool and spa.
(I didn't take my camera with me sorry)
We did some lengths in the pool and relaxed in the jacuzzi. My husband enjoyed the sauna but it was too hot for me! Whilst there Ben tread me to a Jessica Nail varnish.

Its called Passionate Kisses and is a beautiful red with a stunning shimmer to it. Ive never tried a Jessica nail varnish so im very happy with this and will be reviewing soon.
Thanks for reading an have a lovely day!
I hopeing to relax this evening with a film, take away and a bottle of something yummy. 
Hayley at Blogging lovely xx

A very Happy Anniversary
The best you can recall.

From the person whose life you share
And loves you most of all.

The person who hopes your happy
Every moment of your life.

I've always been so proud and glad
To be your loving wife.

Happy Anniversary to the best
Husband in the world 

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Bargain moisturiser

Just a really quick blog post from me today as i wanted to share a new little love ive found.

As you can see from the above pic its a hand and body lotion from Marks and Spencer in the scent coconut milk. 
I have to admit that Marks and Spencer isn't the 1st place i would think to go when looking for a new beauty product but maybe i should......?
I picked the above lotion up from a Marks and Spencers outlet for just £1 it smells amazing like freshly washed linen and babies (an image not often seen together) 
It has a pump top which i love i find myself moving it around the house so when my hands or elbows etc feel dry i can grab a quick pump and im smooth again. I notice myself moisturing more when its in a pump top its less messy than trying to squeeze moisturiser from a bottle with slippery hands.

 It soaks really nicely into the skin leaving a light yummy scent behind. 

Im going to pick up a few more bottles of these especially whilst there only £1 so that i can spread them across my home. 
Have a nice day!!
Hayley at Blogging Lovely xx

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

OPI Vintage Minnie Mouse polish review

If you remember a few days ago (gold star for you) I blogged about a website called buyapowa introduced to me by my lovely sister Stacey here is a little linky doodle to the website and my previous blog post  explaining how buyapower works.

So the Buyapowa bulk buy lot ended with 86 people purchasing the opi Vintage Minnie Mouse nail varnish set me included pushing the price down to £7.50 and it came this morning! 

I'm really impressed with how quickly  buyapowa sent out my polish to me they also sent me regular update emails on the current price of the nail varnish and when they had been shipped to me etc. Which often left me eeekking!! at my email inbox with excitement.

 I just love the little Minnie Mouse packaging its far to cute to throw away so im going to keep my new little delights in it.

In the pack you get 4 mini nail varnishes with 3.75ml in each and here they are in more detail swatches and all.....

If You Moust You Moust

This is a really pretty creamy pink it applied really nicely and left a smooth shinny finish on my nails.

The Colour Of Minnie

 This is a really pretty bright red with a slight hue of pink to it. Again it applied really nicely and left a professional look on my nails.

Im All Ears

 Im All Ears is a rich bright pink with lots of tiny pink shimmer it. 
I found this to be quite thin and maybe best as a shimmer top coat perhaps over The Colour Of Minnie.

Finally in the set is a quick drying clear top coat.

Below is a photo of all 3 Minnie Mouse inspired shades together.
The Colour Of Minnie
If You Moust You Moust
Im All Ears

For todays polish (as much as i was enjoying the mix and match trio) i finally decided on
The Colour Of Minnie!!

Below i have linked some cheap Minnie Mouse nail varnish i found on ebay all at buy it now prices:

Im All Ears full size £9.49 here
The Colour Of Minnie full Size £9.49 here
If you Moust You Moust full size £9.49 here
Nothing Mousie bout it (not in above set but is a heart glitter top coat) full size £9.49 here
Full mini set as above here £10.85 here

Lots of love Hayley at Blogging Lovely xx

Monday, 2 July 2012

Primark Lipstick review

Another quick post from me today.
This time with bargain lipstick from Primark to share with you.

This gorgeous barbie pink lipstick.
I love the spotty pink and black packaging i just wish Primark had given the colour a name or a number as it means i cant actually tell you specifically the shade it is so i will include this close up of the actual lipstick as a better reference for you.

It has a really creamy consistancy and is quite well pigmented giving your lips a pop of barbie pink colour it lasts really well on the lips but the best part is its only £1!!!

Have you tried any of the Primark lipsticks?

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Cheap OPI Minnie Mouse nail varnish set!!

Hi just a really quick post ...... just to let you ladies know i've placed an order for the  Minnie Mouse mini nail varnish collection by OPI.

Im purchasing it from Buy a powa. Here

A quick guide to buy a powa for those that haven't heard of it is.....
Buy a powa advertise a product ie the Minnie Mouse nail polish. 
It starts at the rrp which in this case it £12.95 and as more people make a purchase the item price goes lower and lower as it means Buy a powa can then approach OPI and place a bulk order.
The current price for the above set is just £10.50 plus £1.95 postage which includes:

 Im All Ears 
If You Moust You Moust
The Colour Of Minnie and a finally a rapid dry top coat also from Opi which dries nails quickly leaving a high gloss shine. 

The next price drops are £9.50, £8.50 and finally if 100 people make a purchase just £7.50 and this bulk buy order finishes in just over 47 hours.
So if you too would like this set of cute mouse polish's click on the link. Make sure you click on my name Hayley Rason and i will get the product free and if you bid for something make sure you message me to so i can bulk buy with you and click on your name so you get the item for free as the person who introduces the most co buys gets the item for free!!
I hope you can make sense of my quick explanation for more info (of info that makes sense) visit there website they always have lots of brilliant items for sale so if the polish doesn't tickle your fancy have a look at what else is up for grabs on the bulk buying website.