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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Revlon Colourstay nail varnish review

This morning i received a nail polish to review from Revlon called Revlon Colourstay Longwear Nail Enamel.
I love Revlon products and i'm currently using Revlon Colourstay foundation, i say currently as im quite often on the search for a new foundation. Its a never ending journey!

I was sent the colour 290 Midnight its a rich deep jade colour. 

Not my usual shade as you know red is the love of my life but i think its a really nice everyday colour and would look fab with a pair of simple jeans.
So as im such a big fan of Revlon i took off my red polish i was wearing and  instantly tried it.

There are 30 shades in the range plus a base and top coat. Which include:
Red- Red carpet
Baby pink-Cafe pink
Raspeberry- Velvet rope
Purple- Bold sangria
Just to name a few.

The Revlon colour stay polish was inspired by professional salons the gel formula provides intense colour and a gel like shine at home without the use for a uv light.
The brush is a nice sturdy chunky little flat brush that allowed me to apply the colour evenly with a streak free finish with an amazing shine! Believe it or not i also only needed to apply just one coat!

If truth be told i'm not mad on the colour i was sent but i am on the actual polish.
I completely agree with all the promises that Revlon stated it really does give a salon shine look with the quick swipe of a precise brush.

Sadly i cant comment on the colour stay aspect of the polish as i have only just painted them but i will report back to you in a few days with how well it lasted. Relvon state that the polish would last up to 11 days with a base and top coat!!  I think there pretty well price at £7.99 each so to be honest as long as it last around 2 days i would definately re purchase another colour as im so impressed by the finished result.

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