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Monday, 21 November 2011

November Glossy Box Spoiler!!

November Glossy Box Spoiler
Please don't read on if you want yours to be a surprise!
Includes pictures

After a very disturbed sleep last night from toothache OUCH!
It was a lovely pick me up this morning to receive the November Glossy Box.

 This months theme is part of a series in there gift guide so inside the box we have 5 products to try before you buy.
Inside i received:
1- Philip Kingsley- Elasticizer. A shampoo treatment that adds elasticity, manageability, bounce and shine 40ml
Worth £52.10 for a full 500ml
20% off code

Sorry for this shockingly awful picture!
2- Arbonne ultra hydrating hand creme- 15ml
£19 full size

3-Illamasqua Eau De Parfum in Freak- 1.5ml 
Full size £59
20% off code

Top Notes:
Black Davana
Opium Flower

Heart Notes:
Poison Hemlock
Queen Of The Night

Base Notes:

4- Dead Sea Spa Mask- Deeply nourishes dry/ sensitive skin 25ml
Full size £8.80
25% off code

5- Nail Rock Designer Nail Wraps in a red and black lace design.
Worth £6.56
15% off code

Full review of all the products in more detail to follow.
What do you think of this Novembers Glossy Box?


  1. I've got exactly the same box and I'm really happy with it! I only have black nail wraps with white dots..you've got nicer ones ;)

  2. I got a different box from yours and i was disappointed - nail wraps again and dead sea magik is brand they already used 2 months ago!!!

  3. I unsubscribed last month and i'm quite pleased i did now. It seems like now Glossybox has it's subscribers it isn't bothered about putting great things in the boxes. I like the nail wraps you got though x

  4. I got my first box today. From all the negative comments onine, I'm assuming its an off week for glossybox. I'll give it one more month before I decide whether or not to stick with it!

  5. I still haven't got mine yet, some of the stuff looks all right, no thrilled with the nail wraps though

  6. i love the nail thingies xx

    my blog : http://ravingbeautyx.blogspot.com/


  7. Lucisek- lucys stash- Glad your happy with ur box hun. How did u get on with ur nail wraps? Have you tried them yet? xx

    Alex- I 100% agree with you. xx

    SNJx- I feel the same and as u made have read i unsubscribed too xx

    Seebyzoe.com- I think its been an off few months for Glossy Box in my opinion every now and again they out a goodie in there box like the hd brow palette and the Nars etc kept me sweet for a while but i unsubscribed. Hope u get a good Christmas Glossy Box tho xx

    Hannah- I hope you have got ur box by now! What did you think? xx

    RavingBeautyx- There cute im just not very good at applying them xx

  8. I Absolutely LOVE the nail wraps you got! Im not subscribed to Glossy box but I am subscribed to MyGlam bag and Voxbox which I will be doing reviews on soon. I would love for you to follow me :D