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Saturday, 21 January 2012

£1 shop make up haul!! Yes really

As the heading states this is my Pound Shop haul.
Not the 1st place you would think of going to when adding to your make up collection and to be fair i didn't go in there to buy make up but when you see named brand make up for £1 its pretty hard to say No!
So i of course i said Yes and here is what i came home with...
As you can see they come in little clear pouches they had lots of other make up but everything i picked up happened to be Maybelline products. 

The 1st thing that caught my eye was this lipstick. Yes the price helped but also the pretty pink lipstick packaging.

Its the Maybelline Watershine lipstick in 145 Pink Diamonds.

Its a truly dazzling lipstick with a gorgeous pigment and shine. 
It has tiny particles of glitter in it but it doesn't feel at all rough on the lips. I've had glittery lipsticks and glosses in the past that have felt really gritty on the lips but this feels really creamy and glides on the lips.
I found the watershine lipgloss in Superdrug for £4.59

The second lipstick i picked up was this gorgeous rich pink/brown one.

Its the Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick in 630 Velvet Beige.

Again a really creamy lipstick it has a lip balm feel and smell to it but with a rich colour too. 
It doesn't have quite as much shine as the watershine lipstick but it does have a healthy light sheen to it.
I found it on the Boots website for £7.19

The next thing i got was a clear polish.
 When buying nail varnish i'm always drawn to pretty colour and never even give the clear polish a glance hence my gloopy clear polish sat among my colourful collection.
In all honesty i admit that maybe the price had a little something to do with this purchase but also the fact that in dries in 40 seconds, i hate to think of the amount of time us ladies have wasted waiting for our nails to dry blowing them and flapping our wet fingernails around to hurry them up. 
I haven't timed its drying time but it does dry pretty quickly its not quite as shinny as i would have liked but its perfect for bottom or top coats.

Maybelline Express finish in 01 Transparent.
I found it on the Boots website for £4.09

I picked up 2 eye products the 1st being a mascara.

Its the Maybelline Lash Stiletto.

I haven't used this yet but when i do i will blog a review. 
The only thing that im not sure about with this mascara is that its brown.
 I am a black mascara, black eyeliner type of girl but for £1 im willing to give it ago who knows i might just love it. 
I have read that if you have blue eyes (which i do) Brown is the colour to go for to bring out the true blue i your eyes.
I couldn't find this exact mascara but i did manage to find the Maybelline Lash Stiletto Voliptuous mascara on the Boots website for £8.19!!

The last thing i purchased was this eyeshadow pallet.
 A set of four eye shadows in the form of:
 Maybellines eye studio in the colour 02 vivid plums.

I absolutely love this i am a huge fan of blending colours together to create different looks. I very rarely wear just one colour of eyeshadow i enjoy finding similar colours in different tones and creating smoky, smouldering looks so this is perfect for me. 
My usual choice of colours to blend are different tones of browns but the colours in this are really beautiful subtle frosted purples.
 I think this would be great for a beginner that wants to practice the art of blending as each shadow is numbered. 1-4
On the back of the shadows are instructions of where to place the numbered shadows.
Which i think is a great idea of course you can also use the shadows seperately as you wish but its nice to have the option.

I found it on the Boots website for £7.19.

So that's an amazing £31.25 worth of make up for just £5!
So ladies next time your shopping i would definitely recommend nipping into your Pound Shop and having a look if there are any name brand make up bargains to be had.


  1. Looks like you got some great buys! I love the second lipstick. Great post:)

  2. OMG! What a complete and utter bargain! I've bought a few things from there like some nail polishes but I don't go to Poundland enough. Wicked haul!


  3. Wow, great bargains!

    Holli x

    1. I couldn't belive it when i saw them!x

  4. Bargain! I have seen make up in there before but have always ignored it.. but now I know where to go if the bank isn't too healthy!

    Quick question re your camera seeing as though you have the same one as me - flick your little dial thing to the video recording and tell me how many minutes/seconds it says in the top right hand corner. Mine keeps reading 9mins something, and I asked for this in the hope of getting my YT channel back on track, but knowing I can only record 9 mins at a time is so frustrating! So I was just wondering if its the camera or the size of my memory card.
    Thanks in advance!

  5. oh....my....god! i cant wait to go to the pound shop also , please make a twitter and if i sound like and idiot because u already got it please tell me your @name thingie so i can follow you xx

    Anyone follow me and i will follow you back xxxx
    @MissLauren____ xx
    Follow me xx



    Follow me x

    1. I will have to look into Twitter im not sure how to use it. Im a facebook girl lol x

  6. I love love love anything for a pound. great blog hun. x x

  7. Wow, bargains! The poundland nearest me didn't have anything decent this time but I do keep an eye out!

    1. Oh no how annoying. Keep your eye out as my local pound shop doesn't normally have such great items! x

  8. wow you got some bargains! I've never thought about £1 shop for make up but I might check mine out now :P

  9. Hi kate. My camera says 7 mins and 46 seconds and i have a 2GB card in it. Hope this helps you wish i could offer some advice but im rubbish at anything technical xx

  10. Thanks for that! By the sounds of it the bigger the memory card the more recording time you get, although mines 8GB and I've only got 2 more mins than you... not happy, lol. Looks like I'm gonna have to invest in a camcorder too!

  11. Yaaaay, I've got over an hours worth of footage to play with now, thank yoooou! hehe. Think I'm gonna start YT again now!
    The messaging thing on here is annoying isn't it.. I have to add people to my favourites to check if they reply or not otherwise I'd forget I'd even messaged them!

  12. That lipstick looks so glossy and moisturizing! I will have to try it out!