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Friday, 20 January 2012

Make up clear out/ storage

I'm really trying hard to be a little more organised this year and after many rushed mornings routing though my very messy make up basket i decided it was time to have a bit of a clear out.

As you can see it not very helpful when your looking for a sharpener or your tweezers that fall to the very bottom!
So using baby wipes and a clean dry flannel to wipe all the outer packaging i began to sort through the mess.

Sadly this bunch of lotions and potions didn't make in back to the basket but have made a new home in another basket under my bed ooppps! (another beauty basket to go through!!)
Surely i can't be the only one that hoards beauty products??

To be fair a basket is not the best way for me to store my make up. 
One of my bronzers at the bottom of my basket broke and came open i didn't realise and placed the basket on our new cream rug it was only when i went to put my make up basket away again i realised the rug had pink/brown stains on it of course i blamed it on the cat!!  
My basket doesn't really look any more organised then it was before but at least its clean and i know whats in it now.

I really need to think of a better storage system.
 The thing is i never really put my make up on in the same room everyday, as sometimes the lighting is better in some rooms than others. 
I have been looking at rather large storage solutions but they are rather pricey too and maybe a tad to big for my needs, i think it would just encourage me to buy more make up to fill it up, not that i need much encouragement. They are cute though and on wheels however which would be prefect for me.
(look at me trying to justify a rather unnecessary purchase)
Brown Croc effect

Smaller probably more practical silver case.


Pretty In Pink

Leopard!! xx

I just need to make sure i have enough room for the important things i found in my make up basket.
Such as 4 pens, 3d glasses, 9p, action mans gun, whoopie cushion packaging etc etc 

Do you have anything funny thats in you make up storage that should find a new home or a bin??
How do you store your make up?


  1. I cleared mine out last week it was full of loads of bits of rubbish. I have looked at then storage boxes but can't justify that I need them. Trying to keep my make up to a low xx

    1. I know im the same i don't really need the box but want one lol x

  2. have a look in home shops like wilkinsons. they'll have plain but effective mini plastic storage drawers (or even big stationary storage drawers in whsmith?) which will cost less to nothing and you could always customise them :) xxx

    1. I will have a look thank you Heather x

  3. wow cant believe all that fits in that basket xx

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