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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Review- Loreal hair dye- Casting Crem Gloss

Its that time again when my grey hair is starting to take over my head so im reaching for that bottle of hair dye.
As you may already know from a previous blog i picked up quite a few hair dyes in Asda as they were selling them off for only £1, even though i picked up 4 boxes of different types of hair dye from 10 minute dyes to moose ones i couldn't resist adding a new one to my dye rations.
So i picked up Loreal casting creme gloss in 432 Rich Espresso as it was still only £1 in my local Asda. As i have said before all the dyes i got are all brown so in my final photos you probably won't be able to see a great deal of change but as long as it covers my grey's and doesn't make my hair dull and damage im happy!!

In the box you get :
  • 1 tube of no - ammonia creme colorant
  • 1 tube of developer and precision tip
  • 1 bottle of shine enhancing conditioner with royal jelly!
  • A pair of gloves
  • Outer box
  • Instructions 

The hair dye promises to blend away grey's leaving you with natural visible shimmering tones in your hair. It also says that it will leave your hair feeling nourished and will last for 28 shampoos

The Application:

I started off by wetting my hair and towel drying it.
I then pushed through the punched hole in the box which perfectly fits the developer creme tube.

I then screwed on the pink colorant tube onto the developer creme and squeezed the colorant in. I love this idea you don't have to worry about knocking over the pot and making a mess so i found this to be a simple but very effective idea.

 Once i had added the colorant i attached the precision tip to the tube and gave it a shake.

I  put on the gloves which felt like plastic bags and were a bit big for my hands.
 I much prefer the latex ones but am seeing them less and less of them in home dyes maybe this is so people with latex allergies are able to use the dye too

I loved the application it felt really creamy almost like conditioner and  i felt it covered each strand of hair so it reassured me that there wouldn't be any stray grey's hiding from its new life as a brunette!

After 20 minutes i rinsed off the dye. During rinsing i noticed that my hair didn't feel too dry and that the dye coming out was a cup of tea colour lol! Sorry its the only thing i could think off.
 I found it really easy to rinse out and it wasn't long till the water was running clear.
 After which i massaged the royal jelly shine conditioner into my hair left it for the stated 2 minutes and done a final rinse.
I styled my hair as usual and voila!! 
(I didn't put any styling products on it so show you the true colour/shine)

I'm really happy with the end result my hair felt quite soft and had a nice healthy shine to it. 
It also covered all my greys YAY!!!


  1. Lovely!
    Meh, I've gotta dye my hair soon, hate doing it, its such a chore! Although its scared me after what I saw on the news the other day about a hair dye incident and putting someone in a coma!

  2. i love your hair it so pretty and shiny xx

    my blog : http://ravingbeautyx.blogspot.com/


  3. Kate- I know its such a pain and its seems to come round too quickly. xx

    RavingBeautyx- Thanks Lovely i think im gonna grow it back longer it always seems to need cutting when its shorter but i love the dark and glossy look xx

  4. Love the colour! Looks so glossy and shiny! Mine was a similar shade to this before I decided to go lighter :) I miss it sometimes xx