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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Primark False Lashes just £1!!

Over the past few weekends i have been slightly mixing and may i say improving my weekend make up. 

During the week i don't always contour or fill in my eyebrows especially if we are running late for school (most mornings!)
 So when the weekend comes around i have been really enjoying taking time when applying my make and have loved having fun trying out new colours and products.

To complete my look i've been applying false eyelashes too. 
As ive said before my eyelashes are so dumpy and straight its nice to have a wide eye look every once in a while.

I've been using and absolutely loving Primarks £1 eyelashes.

Except ive not been using them in the usual way......No! Ive not been giving myself a sexy moustache with them i have been using just the one eyelash for both eyes, cutting it in half and applying it to just the outter half of my natural lashes to add a subtle touch of catty glam. Meow!!
 Above is a photo of the eyelash before i cut it and below is the whole lash trimmed and ready to apply.
 I would probably where the lashes in the usual way for a night out or for when i wanted to look extra glam!

But for an everyday look i am more than happy with the effect the half lashes give me and at just 50p a day (if like me you only where them once) they are amazing value.
 There light weight, comfortable, natural looking with a gorgeous fluttery look and make your eyes appear beautifully wider and in my case more blue!

 Im going to stock up on these little bad boys and at that price they may even become part of my week day makeup routine.
 I even prefer them to my usual choice of fake eyelashes by Eylure which are about £5!!
That's 5 packs sets or Primark lashes or 10 if you cut them down like me for just one of the Eylure set. 

So goodbye being on time for school 

So Goodbye expensive Eylure lashes
Goodbye to my son being on time for school.
Hello You £1 Primark pretties!!

Have you given the Primark eye lashes ago yet?


  1. I've got 2 pairs of these but I've never tried them, Gonna wear them tonight now!

    Sarah xx

  2. the eyelashes look so nice on you! i have seen the eyelashes in primark before but have never thought about getting them but for a pound i cant really say no (: x

    1. Thank you so much! Thats the trouble with primark its all so cheap i cant say no to anything in there!! arhhh!! xxx