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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Extra special guest post....... Reviewing Ebay make up brushes

My sister joins the bargain hunt………..

Having badgered my sister, Stacey to read my blog, mostly by mentioning her in numerous posts, she has now become an avid readerSo much so that I’ve even persuaded her to write a guest post for my little blog.

So here it is:

Ok, I’ll be honest with you.  Like most ladies, I like a bargain.  More so I like getting more of a bargain than my sister (sorry Hayley!).  It’s just one of those sisterly games we “Play”!

So when Hayley told me about her bargain brush set I was determined to outdo her (in a very loving big sisterly way of course).

I came across this eBay seller , who amongst other very nice looking things was selling 31 good quality brushes for £15.99 with free P & P (That’s 7 more brushes, if you’re keeping score.)

I’d never heard of the brand names before, so carried out extensive research (I looked on YouTube, which we all know is the fountain of knowledge).  I was impressed with some of the reviews the brushes seemed to be getting, and for the price I thought they were worth a try.

And I’m so glad I did.
The brushes are brand new, and are buy it now, so no messy auctions to contend with!

The brush roll they come in isn’t the best quality but its sturdy and each brush has its own place and cover.  Rolled up the holder is compact and easy to carry.

The brushes themselves are fab!  Especially for the price.  Only a couple of the brushes have lost any bristles, and I think that’s to be expected from any new brushes, don’t you?

I would have taken some pictures but having used them there not fit to be shown to anyone so you’ll have to make do with the publicity shots I’m afraid!

Amongst others the set consists of:
Blush brush, Large angled contour brush, Large powder brush, Lash brush, Brow comb brush, Large shader brush, Large shader, Shader brush, Small shader, Mini shader brush, Replaceable sponge tip applicator, Square shader, Eyeliner, Eye shading brush, Duster brush, Concealer brush, Lip, Lipliner brush, Flat definer, Small angle brush.

So that’s it……..How did I do for my 1st try?  Would you let me loose with another review?  I have the OPI mini NYC Ballet set just dying for an airing if you’re interested!
Stacey x

So there you go a first for Blogging Lovely 
Thank you for reviewing the brush set for us and im sure we will all look forward to another guest post soon reviewing the OPI ballet set??!!
Above is a beautiful picture of my sister so you can put a face to the name.
This is a photo taken of her on my wedding day when she was my chief bridesmaid. 
Doesn't she look lovely!! 

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