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I enjoy chatting so feel blogging is the perfect place for me to share thoughts, tips, buys, wants, gossip and pictures with you lovely fellow bloggers.
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Sunday, 29 April 2012

When it rains.... I shop!

I hope your all having a lovely weekend. 
Its been really raining here for the past week and over this weekend which is rather depressing and means we can't do much but the rain can't dampen a shopping trip so thats exactly what i did.

Over the last few months i have been playing with the idea of growing my bob hair cut out. 
I really loved the bob however and i found it so easy to style it always looked styled even when i couldn't be bothered but i fancy a new doo and so im taking the steps to grow long healthy hair.
 So i picked up some lotions and potions that will hopefully help me achieve this.
 I got the Tresemme split remedy shampoo and conditioner.
 It promises 80% reduction in split ends after just 3 uses but time will tell.
Both bottles have 500ml in them and normally cost £4.99 each but Superdrug are currently running a brilliant offer that i couldn't refuse of 2 for £5.99.

 I also picked up the tresemme deep conditioning masque for hair prone to breakage and split ends which was £4.99 for a 500ml tub.
Its a really thick masque and smells lovely!

I also got 4 bits of makeup to add to my ever growing collection..

I got 2 eyeshadows from MUA range in Superdrug which im sure your all aware of by now are only £1 each.

On the left is shade 11 a really pretty brown eye shadow with a hint of bronze to it which has a lovely shimmer to it.
On the right is shade 1 a pearly shimmer white eyeshadow. 
I love eyshadows that have a soft shimmer to them i don't really own many matte eyeshadows.
 Both are such good quality for the price,  actually i've found all the MUA eyeshadows are amazing quality they blend beautifully and lest really well on the lids i would pay more for them but shhhh don't tell MUA that!

I've been trying to get my hands on the Bobby Brown shimmer birck dupe in the form of Sue moxleys famous shimmer brick from Superdrug for months now and i finally found it. YAY!!

I got it in shade 2 which is Rose glow which describes it perfectly its a pink shimmer with a blush of peach and looks beautiful on the skin and was only £6.50 which is huge difference to the £33 bobbi brown price tag. 
I think the famous range by sue Moxley is currently only available in selected superdrugs.

I previously blogged about being on the fence with sleek lipsticks which i based on the two i had candy cane and baby doll. I loved candy cane but hated baby doll. So i promised i would buy a 3rd so i could fully decide if i like the sleek lipsticks or not. So i did just that and I picked up a matte one called pink freeze.

 I bought it from Superdrug and it was £3.99
I can now finish my review on Sleek lipsticks this week.

Finally i got this bracelet from Riverisland

Its silver and has an unusual twist to the metal it also has the words
 "LOVE......like you have never been hurt" 
written on the outside and inside of the bracelet and was £6.

Blogging Lovely

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Barry M - Magnetized nail varnish

Barry M have released four new nail polishes. 
They are all magnetized and cost £4.99.
 Each one comes with a magnet on the cap that makes funky patterns on your nails.
The colours from left to right are: Silver black, burgundy, violet and blue. Very original names!

If you bought more than one you could always swap and change the lids so you get different patterns with different colours.
Now i'm in no way encouraging this....... but they are 3 for 2 in boots at the moment! Just saying...
wink wink

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Marks and Spencers vouchers

We recently signed up to Sky Tv and as my lovely sister introduced us we got sent £75 worth of Marks and Spencers voucher and she will too!

So today i went to spend them.
I originally went with the intent to buy something for our home that we can all enjoy.
 Well who doesn't enjoy a good mixing bowl or duvet cover! 
However when i got there nothing in the home section really caught my eye plus we are really hoping to move as soon as we can so i ended up buying myself some bits oopps! 

Firstly i picked up 3 pairs of knickers, i feel my underwear draw has very little excitement at the moment and i have been slowly creeping into big comfy knicker territory.
 It was 3 for £10 so i picked 2 black pairs and one white pair still a little sensible in colour but snazzy! Daniel also choose a 3 pack of Star Wars boxers for £8. 
I wont add a pic of either maybe a little too much shared!

We have alot of wooden floors at home and my tootsies always feel cold so i treated them to some cosy pink slippers that were £7.50

Thinking ahead to the summer (fingers crossed we get a good one in the uk!) i got this pretty top. Its a really great length and nice and floaty.

I think the bird pattern is so cute!!

I also love the little details to this top the girly peter pan collar and the twin buttons on the back.

Its from there Limited Collection and was £25

Finally i picked up some jean shorts.
 Also from the Limited Collection range

 They have worn detail to the sides.
and really pretty lace detail to the bottom of the shorts. They were also £25.
So all in all i paid just 50p against the vouchers!

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend.

Friday, 20 April 2012

I Love Pinterest!

I wanted to share a website i am addicted to. As the title hints its called Pinterest here is the link incase you to want a new addiction.
Basically its a website built up with lots of people from around the world pinning on the website what they like from websites, blogs or personal diy projects. The webiste is really easy to use you can view random categories all at once or be specific on you search i.e fashion, hair and beauty, home etc..
 Its a great place to get ideas and has given me lots of inspiration for some DIY projects i would like to try.
If you join which is free you can create your own boards of things you love and you can pin some of your own idea to share with others that can then spread the word an re pin on there boards for future inspiration.

Here are a few examples of pins that interested me! 
I think these shoes look amazing! They are made by glueing batman comics to some cute ballet pumps and covering them with a layer of waterproof varnish also known as modge podge.

These would be great to make from an old pair of jeans and some lace or netting. I think they would be pretty easy to make by just sewing or wonder webbing lace onto the pockets and with the left over lace you could make these......

Daniel and i are going to attempt this for his teacher at the end of school term.
Thank you for helping me grow!! Too cute!

A mustache cushion made from white pillow cases and black felt.

We are currently working on this project. We bought a plain white duvet cover set from Argos and we're using a black fabric pen to draw Daniels pictures onto the cover. We are calling it Daniels Favorite things he choose to draw Star Wars, Ice cream and Science which is his favorite subject at school. 
We will do a full Blog on our masterpiece when we have finished it.

I think this would make such a great gift for a new baby, new home, fathers/mothers day or a wedding.
Its made using a box frame which you can get from The Range and scrabble tiles. 
I've been hunting charity shops for an old box of scrabble.

And finally this simple up do using a cute pink ribbon

As you can see there are some great ideas and how to's on the website even if you don't enjoy DIY projects there are lots of inspirational pictures on there.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Opi- Minnie Mouse collection

Opi have recently given us a sneak peak at there new collection due for release in June 2012.
The new collection is inspired by vintage Minnie Mouse and there are four gorgeous colours.

From left to right- Nothin Mousie bout it, If you Moust you Moust, Im all ears, The colour of Minnie

Personally i'm not a huge fan of glitter polish mainly because i think its a pain in the bum to remove but the other three shades in the collection are right up my street if only they came with the above Minnie Mouse stand too to lovingly display them on my bedside table tee hee.
Will you be buying any of the OPI Vintage Minnie Mouse nail varnishes?
Whats your favorite polish by OPI?

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Peptalash- Longer fuller lashes?

Yesterday Boots sent me a new and exciting product to review it promises to give me longer, thicker, fuller lashes in just 2 weeks its by a company called Peptalash and costs £24.99 for a 5ml bottle.
I will apply the product morning and night in the hope that my lashes will flutter, I have quite short eyelashes that grow like they have been straightened so this will be a rather interesting treatment for me.

It comes in a similar bottle to liquid eyeliner and you apply it in a similar way. Starting in the inner corner with your eyes shut you run the applicator along the base of you eyelashes and again but with your eyes open. 
The product is a clear liquid that does slightly sting if it gets in your eyes which doesn't really make sense to me as its made to go near the eyes??

There are currently two reviews on the Boots website that both say they saw results within 1 week so my hopes are high for this one!
The only downside i can see at the moment is that is states on the side of the bottle that once this product has been opened it will only last for 1 month, £25 a month would work out crazy expensive £300 a year expensive!
I will review the product fully in two weeks however. 
I have taken some before pictures and hopefully i will need to take some amazing after pictures....

fingers crossed loves!

Here is the link to it on the boots website. Flutter

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Scatter Cushions - BHS

Bhs have got some really lovely bits for the home at the moment with quite a few pieces on sale too. 
Its not a place i would necessarily think of looking for home accessories but i was actually quite impressed with the quirkiness and choice of there products.
I picked up two pretty scatter cushions which were both on sale. 
I love how something so simple as a fluffy cushion can change the look of a room adding comfort, softness and style.
The first cushion i bought was a lovely kitsch cushion that was reduced from £15 to £4.50 its a really nice size especially for under £5!

Its got such pretty details to it. 
The flower on the front is beautifully stitched giving it has that homely, i'm great with a needle and thread kind of look.
 The back of the cushion is covered with ditsy flower material so you could turn it over to switch it up from time to time.

The second cushion i got should have been £10 but was reduced to just £2.20.
 Its quite a bit smaller than the flower cushion above but its still a really nice size.
 Its made to look like a 1st class stamp and such a bargain especially with all the gorgeous detailing on it.

I have added a picture of both the cushions together below so you can get an idea of the size difference.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Sleek lipstick

Sleek Lipsticks.....

In the past the only thing i have owned from sleek was a bright pink blush called Pixie Although its bright in the pan on the cheeks it leaves a nice pink healthy hue that looks really pretty.

I've found a new love for lipsticks recently however and have been buying quite a few.
 I used to be more of a clear gloss kind of girl but im swayed by the fact i can match my lipstick to my outfit!! 
With the two points above in mind i purchased two true colour sleek lipsticks from superdrug.
I picked up a bright red shade called candy cane which is sheen and a soft bubble gum pink called baby doll that is matte.
Candy cane on the left and baby doll on the right.
Not the greatest of picture sorry my camera didn't want to play today!

Each lipstick comes in its only box with i always vow to  pop the lipstick  back into after every use and of course never do. 
They are £3.99 each from Superdrug or online and come in sleek (no pun intended) black oval shaped applicators.

I'm really happy with Candy Cane its quite moisturising its a really pretty bright red with a tiny touch of white to soften the shade and lasts really well. 
I'm not sure if its a little too bright for everyday or spring as i wore it on Thursday just around the house as you do and my husband said 
"woah that's bright red!" 
Clearly didn't notice i had carefully matched it to a bracelet i was wearing.. eh men!

The baby doll lipstick however looks horrible on me! Its so pale it makes me look like i have no lips, its sits in every crack and line on my lips and looks chalky.

So im so on the fence with these!
 I purchased two shades but only liked one!! 
So there is only one way to settle this.
Yes you guessed it....For the good of beauty and my blog i shall purchase another one, well best out of 3??
To be continued..............................

Friday, 13 April 2012


So lovelies!
How have you all been in my absence?
 I'm sorry to say im very behind in the blogging world but have been enjoying catching up with all my favorite blogs.

I thought my 1st blog post back, to ease me in if you will would be abit of a catch up for you all.
 I wish i could say ive been on lots of lovely holidays but the reality is not so......
As i said in my previous blog i won't go into to much detail as to why i havn't bloggged for a while i have had a lot on my plate some not so great..... with my husband not being very well and our flat needing lots of work on it due to horrid damp but some good too family days out and my shoe buisness picking up a bit.

Here are a few snaps from the last few weeks............

February we had quite alot of snow!! 
I love the snow everything looks so pretty and we had lots of fun sledging!

Cold noses!

We took a family trip to London for the day.
London Baby! (F.R.I.E.N.D.S)
Our son, Daniel has never been to London so we thought we would take him to see all the sights he has heard about.
We went and had a look at Buckingham palace but missed the changing of the guards.
Daniel took this picture lol

He got pooped on by a cockney pigeon on the way to visit the queen!
As you can see we did some very important shopping... Hamleys and M&M world. 
I would like to go back and do some proper shopping but with a shop hating husband and son with me it was never going to happen.
The above bag on M&M's cost us almost £10!!!!

We visited the London Eye, we didn't go on as Daniel said it was to high up.
We also took some snaps of BIG BEN.
We had lunch in Pizza hut as we had a voucher we got for Christmas and before it was time to head home although there was lots more we could have done.
It was quite busy and the underground scares me a bit but overall we had a really good day out.

Also in March i celebrated my birthday my husband and i escaped for the weekend to a hotel to relax and had a lovely dinner. I only took one picture of my husband reading a paper haha so won't bore you with that.

I celebrated with my two close friends with a night out on the tiles.
 This was before we went out. We spent a girly afternoon getting ready, drinking and gossiping. 
Is there a better way to start birthday drinks?

I've also been adorning pretty shoes with sparkles and most recently i customised some black designer looking shoes my friend requested using metal cone studs which involved drilling into a shoe!! (i know i shed a tear too) It was a very scary process but it was all worth it in the end as she was really happy with the results.
I've seen a lot of studded clothing and shoes in shops recently and i'm loving it. 
Typically i don't own anything studded myself....... yet!! tee hee

 Baby girl gap shoes!

Beau Boutique is on Facebook so come say hi!! xx

So until next time girls.
 I've got your lovely blogs to catch up on.