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Friday, 13 April 2012


So lovelies!
How have you all been in my absence?
 I'm sorry to say im very behind in the blogging world but have been enjoying catching up with all my favorite blogs.

I thought my 1st blog post back, to ease me in if you will would be abit of a catch up for you all.
 I wish i could say ive been on lots of lovely holidays but the reality is not so......
As i said in my previous blog i won't go into to much detail as to why i havn't bloggged for a while i have had a lot on my plate some not so great..... with my husband not being very well and our flat needing lots of work on it due to horrid damp but some good too family days out and my shoe buisness picking up a bit.

Here are a few snaps from the last few weeks............

February we had quite alot of snow!! 
I love the snow everything looks so pretty and we had lots of fun sledging!

Cold noses!

We took a family trip to London for the day.
London Baby! (F.R.I.E.N.D.S)
Our son, Daniel has never been to London so we thought we would take him to see all the sights he has heard about.
We went and had a look at Buckingham palace but missed the changing of the guards.
Daniel took this picture lol

He got pooped on by a cockney pigeon on the way to visit the queen!
As you can see we did some very important shopping... Hamleys and M&M world. 
I would like to go back and do some proper shopping but with a shop hating husband and son with me it was never going to happen.
The above bag on M&M's cost us almost £10!!!!

We visited the London Eye, we didn't go on as Daniel said it was to high up.
We also took some snaps of BIG BEN.
We had lunch in Pizza hut as we had a voucher we got for Christmas and before it was time to head home although there was lots more we could have done.
It was quite busy and the underground scares me a bit but overall we had a really good day out.

Also in March i celebrated my birthday my husband and i escaped for the weekend to a hotel to relax and had a lovely dinner. I only took one picture of my husband reading a paper haha so won't bore you with that.

I celebrated with my two close friends with a night out on the tiles.
 This was before we went out. We spent a girly afternoon getting ready, drinking and gossiping. 
Is there a better way to start birthday drinks?

I've also been adorning pretty shoes with sparkles and most recently i customised some black designer looking shoes my friend requested using metal cone studs which involved drilling into a shoe!! (i know i shed a tear too) It was a very scary process but it was all worth it in the end as she was really happy with the results.
I've seen a lot of studded clothing and shoes in shops recently and i'm loving it. 
Typically i don't own anything studded myself....... yet!! tee hee

 Baby girl gap shoes!

Beau Boutique is on Facebook so come say hi!! xx

So until next time girls.
 I've got your lovely blogs to catch up on.


  1. Wow, you've had so much snow! The pictures are all lovely :)x

    1. Yes we had lots! Lets hope the sunshine comes in the same amounts!! xx

  2. im so glad your back xx



    1. Thank u lovely thats really nice of you to say! x

  3. glad to see you back blogging. Ive not been on too much either. wow m&m world looks amaze xx

  4. Thanks love really sweet of you to say. It was really good but expensive! x

  5. Welcome back! I thought you'd done a runner! ;-)
    I'm off to London next month, definitely need to check out that M&M shop, I'm a sucker for the peanut ones!