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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Barry M

I recently went into Boots to get a slightly darker shade in my foundation. 
As i previously blogged i am trying out the Mac dupe, Revlon colour stay. I said i would blog my review on this this week but i have decided to do it at the weekend so that i can do my face half in mac and half in revlon and i just don't have the time in the mornings but think i may be quite a good idea to show you the difference on the skin. 
Anyway i found the shade of foundation i needed and headed for the checkout but on my way i got distracted my the reduced shelf!!!
5 minutes later i found my self heading to the tills once more with my foundation and 2 Barry M products. Ooopps!
I picked up a beautiful Lipstick

Its a really pretty raspberry colour that is matte and glides on really nicely. 
I have found in the past that Barry M lipstick have been quite drying on my lips but for some reason this one is fine.
 Its soon become my go to lipstick this week. I love it!
 Its called vintage rose number 152 and usually costs £4.49 but it was reduced to £2.50

I also got this Barry M dazzle dust

This looks really pretty on and not to sparkly its more of a subtle shimmer in a really beautiful colour. Its called old coin number 24 which i think is a true name for it.
 The Barry M Dazzle dusts are usually £4.59 each but i paid £2.

Do you have any Barry M products that you LOVE? That you would recommend me to try?

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

My shoes xx

Just a quick link to my customised shoes website on facebook. 
Come say Hi!!
Thanks for your support

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Exciting new challenges!! x

As i'm sure youve all read on my blog previously i customised my own bridal shoes.
I really enjoyed making them and felt so special knowing i had worked so hard on them. 

You have all written such lovely comments about them too which i really want to thank you all for xx. 

So....... i have decided to create some unique hand customised shoes and start selling them so everyone little girls too can have amazing shoes.
 I will reveal all really soon but for now i thought i would give you ladies a sneak peak, a little premiere if you will just to say THANK YOU! X
Thank you in advance for all your support

Monday, 23 January 2012

Boots product tester - update 5- 60 day proactiv solution kit

This morning i received a very special package from Boots to test for them they only had 300 to send out to product testers and i was one of the very lucky ones.... Well my mum is as Boots said i am able to try it myself or give it to a friend or family member that has problem prone skin.
 My mum has suffered from adult acne for many years now and has tried many tablets and skin care routines so she will be able to give these products a good try and hopefully give a helpful and true review of what she thought for you lovely ladies.

What is Proactiv solution?
Proactive solution is a 3 step daily cleansing product for acne prone skin and blemishes it also claims to soothe inflammation/redness and proactively presents future breakouts before they start. Leaving your skin noticeably clearer with a natural healthy glow. 
They are rather big claims aren't they so fingers crossed its the miracle cure!

What do you get?
In the 60 day kit you get-

The letter i received with the kit states that improvement of the skin should be visible after 2 weeks if used as advised as above. 
As i said i have given this to my mum as i get the odd spot but nothing to major so i think my mum will get much more use out of this product than myself. 
I have asked her to try it for a month and then i will do a follow up review on my blog, so sit tight don't rush out to buy it yet as it costs a whooping £39.99 if it works i feel its a small price to pay not just for clear skin but for the confidence that comes with it.
Apparently Katy Perry and Justin Bieber love the stuff and its Americas number 1 acne system too so fingers crossed.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Cheap Primark Top

Just a quick Blog post to share this top with you.

Finally Primark are starting to get there new season stock in!! Yay!!
 I have my eye on a few bits but i was very good (for now) and only bought this.
(Apologies for the appalling lighting i have been so busy this weekend it was dark before i knew it)

Anyway its this really pretty top in a lovely pink colour.
 Its made from floaty t shirt material perfect for hiding my Christmas chocolate overdose! 
Its got cute little gold button down the front and a scolloped peter pan collar.
and it only cost me £6!!
 I don't remember seeing any other colours but i will definately have another look.
 I will include it in an outfit of the day so you can see it properly.

This week i will also be writing a full blog review on the Revlon Colour stay foundation well known for being the Mac studio fluid fix dupe.
But is it??
Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

£1 shop make up haul!! Yes really

As the heading states this is my Pound Shop haul.
Not the 1st place you would think of going to when adding to your make up collection and to be fair i didn't go in there to buy make up but when you see named brand make up for £1 its pretty hard to say No!
So i of course i said Yes and here is what i came home with...
As you can see they come in little clear pouches they had lots of other make up but everything i picked up happened to be Maybelline products. 

The 1st thing that caught my eye was this lipstick. Yes the price helped but also the pretty pink lipstick packaging.

Its the Maybelline Watershine lipstick in 145 Pink Diamonds.

Its a truly dazzling lipstick with a gorgeous pigment and shine. 
It has tiny particles of glitter in it but it doesn't feel at all rough on the lips. I've had glittery lipsticks and glosses in the past that have felt really gritty on the lips but this feels really creamy and glides on the lips.
I found the watershine lipgloss in Superdrug for £4.59

The second lipstick i picked up was this gorgeous rich pink/brown one.

Its the Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick in 630 Velvet Beige.

Again a really creamy lipstick it has a lip balm feel and smell to it but with a rich colour too. 
It doesn't have quite as much shine as the watershine lipstick but it does have a healthy light sheen to it.
I found it on the Boots website for £7.19

The next thing i got was a clear polish.
 When buying nail varnish i'm always drawn to pretty colour and never even give the clear polish a glance hence my gloopy clear polish sat among my colourful collection.
In all honesty i admit that maybe the price had a little something to do with this purchase but also the fact that in dries in 40 seconds, i hate to think of the amount of time us ladies have wasted waiting for our nails to dry blowing them and flapping our wet fingernails around to hurry them up. 
I haven't timed its drying time but it does dry pretty quickly its not quite as shinny as i would have liked but its perfect for bottom or top coats.

Maybelline Express finish in 01 Transparent.
I found it on the Boots website for £4.09

I picked up 2 eye products the 1st being a mascara.

Its the Maybelline Lash Stiletto.

I haven't used this yet but when i do i will blog a review. 
The only thing that im not sure about with this mascara is that its brown.
 I am a black mascara, black eyeliner type of girl but for £1 im willing to give it ago who knows i might just love it. 
I have read that if you have blue eyes (which i do) Brown is the colour to go for to bring out the true blue i your eyes.
I couldn't find this exact mascara but i did manage to find the Maybelline Lash Stiletto Voliptuous mascara on the Boots website for £8.19!!

The last thing i purchased was this eyeshadow pallet.
 A set of four eye shadows in the form of:
 Maybellines eye studio in the colour 02 vivid plums.

I absolutely love this i am a huge fan of blending colours together to create different looks. I very rarely wear just one colour of eyeshadow i enjoy finding similar colours in different tones and creating smoky, smouldering looks so this is perfect for me. 
My usual choice of colours to blend are different tones of browns but the colours in this are really beautiful subtle frosted purples.
 I think this would be great for a beginner that wants to practice the art of blending as each shadow is numbered. 1-4
On the back of the shadows are instructions of where to place the numbered shadows.
Which i think is a great idea of course you can also use the shadows seperately as you wish but its nice to have the option.

I found it on the Boots website for £7.19.

So that's an amazing £31.25 worth of make up for just £5!
So ladies next time your shopping i would definitely recommend nipping into your Pound Shop and having a look if there are any name brand make up bargains to be had.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Make up clear out/ storage

I'm really trying hard to be a little more organised this year and after many rushed mornings routing though my very messy make up basket i decided it was time to have a bit of a clear out.

As you can see it not very helpful when your looking for a sharpener or your tweezers that fall to the very bottom!
So using baby wipes and a clean dry flannel to wipe all the outer packaging i began to sort through the mess.

Sadly this bunch of lotions and potions didn't make in back to the basket but have made a new home in another basket under my bed ooppps! (another beauty basket to go through!!)
Surely i can't be the only one that hoards beauty products??

To be fair a basket is not the best way for me to store my make up. 
One of my bronzers at the bottom of my basket broke and came open i didn't realise and placed the basket on our new cream rug it was only when i went to put my make up basket away again i realised the rug had pink/brown stains on it of course i blamed it on the cat!!  
My basket doesn't really look any more organised then it was before but at least its clean and i know whats in it now.

I really need to think of a better storage system.
 The thing is i never really put my make up on in the same room everyday, as sometimes the lighting is better in some rooms than others. 
I have been looking at rather large storage solutions but they are rather pricey too and maybe a tad to big for my needs, i think it would just encourage me to buy more make up to fill it up, not that i need much encouragement. They are cute though and on wheels however which would be prefect for me.
(look at me trying to justify a rather unnecessary purchase)
Brown Croc effect

Smaller probably more practical silver case.


Pretty In Pink

Leopard!! xx

I just need to make sure i have enough room for the important things i found in my make up basket.
Such as 4 pens, 3d glasses, 9p, action mans gun, whoopie cushion packaging etc etc 

Do you have anything funny thats in you make up storage that should find a new home or a bin??
How do you store your make up?

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

75% off Boots Sale!!

Did anyone manage to pick up a few extra bargains in the Boots sale Today (Wednesday 18th January)
To be honest there wasn't a great deal left in my local boots but i'm happy with the two purchases i did manage to get.

Firstly i picked up the Scents Of Occasions mini perfume set.
Was £19.00 Now £4.75
In this set you get 5 mini bottles of the following perfumes....
(I have included the description of each perfume from the back of the box)

7ml Noa- An infusion of rare woods and delicate peony

4.5 ml of the Tous H20- A floral aquatic fragrance with top notes of amalfi lemon and lavender
middle notes are rose and jasmine
base notes are virginia cedar, sandlewood and amber 

 6ml of the Anais Anais- A delicate and ultra-feminine fragrance inspired by the lily, a flower that evokes purity and innocence.

6ml of the Ange Ou Demon Le Secret- A sensual scent filled with contrast, an elegant blend of light and dark, sweet and bewitching.

and finally...
10ml of the Ghost Deep Night- An oriental vanilla fragrance that is sensual and passionate with fresh oriental composition.

I also got the Hello Kitty Liberty bath time gift box.

The contents consist of the following all with the pretty Hello Kitty print.
175ml of Body Wash in a pump bottle
50ml of Body Scrub in a little tub
200ml of Body butter in a big tub
75ml of body spray in a spritz bottle and finally a very fetching shower cap.

Was £20 Now £5

Did you manage to pick up anything in the Boots 75% off sale?

Outfit of the day

Just a quick outfit of the day before i head out the door. Busy busy!

Its got really cold here over the last couple of days and now its decided to rain too!
My poor son has swimming at school today. Brrrr!

I decided to brighten up my day and wear raspberry.
Apologies for the lighting this in the photos it was still quite dark this morning.

Top- Rapberry chiffon tiered top- Debenhams
Jeans- Jeggings- Primark

Shoes- Black ugg style boots- Sainsburys

 For Jewellery i kept it simple my engagement ring and wedding ring as always xx
 and another recent sale purchase from accessorize

Make- up
 Again i kept it simple mainly because i was in a rush but also sometimes its nice to be a little more delicate with your make up application.  
I used my Mua Heaven and Earth palette (Love!!) Bourjois pencil eyeliner in ultra black and a combination of Revlon grow lushious mascara and Rimmel max volume lash.

 For my lips i just used Nivea caregloss and shine great product its a glossy lip balm perfect to wear on windy days when your lips get dry or as a top coat after lipsticks or stains.
Please excuse the doo i need it cut desperately!
Have a great day and stay warm!!