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Monday, 23 January 2012

Boots product tester - update 5- 60 day proactiv solution kit

This morning i received a very special package from Boots to test for them they only had 300 to send out to product testers and i was one of the very lucky ones.... Well my mum is as Boots said i am able to try it myself or give it to a friend or family member that has problem prone skin.
 My mum has suffered from adult acne for many years now and has tried many tablets and skin care routines so she will be able to give these products a good try and hopefully give a helpful and true review of what she thought for you lovely ladies.

What is Proactiv solution?
Proactive solution is a 3 step daily cleansing product for acne prone skin and blemishes it also claims to soothe inflammation/redness and proactively presents future breakouts before they start. Leaving your skin noticeably clearer with a natural healthy glow. 
They are rather big claims aren't they so fingers crossed its the miracle cure!

What do you get?
In the 60 day kit you get-

The letter i received with the kit states that improvement of the skin should be visible after 2 weeks if used as advised as above. 
As i said i have given this to my mum as i get the odd spot but nothing to major so i think my mum will get much more use out of this product than myself. 
I have asked her to try it for a month and then i will do a follow up review on my blog, so sit tight don't rush out to buy it yet as it costs a whooping £39.99 if it works i feel its a small price to pay not just for clear skin but for the confidence that comes with it.
Apparently Katy Perry and Justin Bieber love the stuff and its Americas number 1 acne system too so fingers crossed.


  1. Wow I'd love to try this out! x

    1. I will let you know how she gets on with it. x

  2. wow i'd love to be a product tester but all the places are filled :(


  3. Snap! Just received mine in the post today :D xx

  4. wow thats amazing xx

    Anyone follow me and i will follow you back xxxx
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    Follow me x

    1. Lets hope it lives up to all it claims x

  5. this is in stock on Boots online already - http://www.boots.com/en/Rodan-Fields-Proactiv-Solution-3-Step-System_1248826
    my sis has suffered from bad skin and spots for years - i'm gonna get it for her to try x