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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Outfit of the day- Hello Sailor!!

Hi Lovelys.

Here in Bighty the weather over the last few days has been amazing!
Last night however the heavens opened and it rained and rained!
 It came out of no where and sadly just as i was walking home from work so by the time i got home i was dripping wet.
(Always happens on the days you make a really effort with your hair and make up haha) 

So today the sunshine has hidden itself away which has left me feeling a little chilly.
So here is my outfit of the day.

 3/4 length sleeve shirt- £10 Primark.
This shirt is so easy to wear and is a really nice length. I love the nautical feel it has with the white and navy stripes and little gold buttons

 Dark denim skinny jean- Priamark £8
Chain pumps- Primark £8.
I have two pairs of these jeans just incase one is in the wash they wear really nicely and don't go baggy as the day goes on, ive found some jeans in Primark start of nice and fitting and end up being a size bigger after an hour or so wear.

 H for Hayley gold necklace - Primark £1.50
I love little delicate necklaces. I have to say im more of a silver person but i wore this little gold chain to match the gold buttons on the shirt.

I kept my make up really simple using MUA eye shadows, Revlon foundation and sleek blusher.

Hope your having a great day.
Hayley from Blogging Lovely

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

quick up do ideal for shorter hair

So as you know i'm trying to grow my hair out from an A line bob.
(I will do a hair history blog post soon)
 Its currently teetering at my shoulders and seems to be at that horrible shapeless stage but i will persevere and have long locks soon!
Whilst growing my hair i have found myself suffering from hair envy for the high bun it looks so effortless, girly and glam.
 I know it sounds like such a simple style but when you have short hair it just doesn't have the same effect.
Until a few days ago that is and so i thought i would share some tips for a top bun ideal for short hair but would work great for long hair too!
Its quick and simple!

Step 1- Tie your hair up into a high pony tail if you have short hair you can pin and hairspray any strays up or leave them down for a messy effect.

Step 2- Spray your pony tail with hairspray and back comb.
This will make your hair look and feel thicker and fuller giving you more to play with.

Step 3- Smooth down a little for a neat glam up do or leave backcombed for a thrown together look.

Step 4- Lightly pull apart the back combed hair in all directions for big hair!

Step 5-  Now just pin the ends of your big hair around the hair band into a bun shape and finish with a spritz of hairspray to hold your style or some shine spray for a glossy look.

Tips and style-
Add cute clips, bows and hair bands for a pin up look or add a sparkly brooch or clip to give your style a glam look great for parties nights out or weddings.
Keep a small piece of hair from the side of your pony tail out of the final bun to wrap around the finished bun to hide the hair band.

Here are some photos of my finished look.

Thanks for reading
Hayley at Blogging lovely xx

Monday, 14 May 2012

I recently purchased the new Veet electrical roll kit.
I got in from my local Sainsburys as it was reduced from £30 to about £12.
 I'm always happy to try out new ways to rid myself of the gorilla look but without much luck as yet.

I've tried so many different kinds of hair removal from womens razors, mens razors, epliators etc etc and was still yet to try waxing.
So whilst the veet easy roll was on special offer i thought it would be a perfect time to try it.

Each kit contains: an electrical cable,
 Veet instructions, 
the device and stand, 
wipes (that remove wax) 
and the wax refill.
 Its also guaranteed for 2 years.

Whilst i very impatiently waited for my leg hair to grow to a yeti length i found a few blogs saying the 12  strips incuded  in the kit weren't enough so i ordered some more from ebay just incase they were only £2.69 for 100. 

So about a week later i sat down to bravely wax my legs.
I slotted the wax cartridge into the device and plugged it in and waited the 20 mintutes advised in the instructions. 

After 20 mintues i found the wax wasn't quite ready as it didn't roll smoothly from the applicator so i left it a further 5- 10 minutes.

When the wax was finally ready to roll i rolled the warm pink wax onto my leg.
(the photo above was taken when my leg hair obviously was not a its full yeti stage.)

I placed a clean strip over the wax rubbed it and.......
(the above strip is from the pack i purchased off ebay)

It hurt more than shaving (obviously) but not as much as a epliator. 
I inspected my leg after i removed the strip and it had left a few behind so i plucked the strays with tweezers. I found it easier to use shorter sized strips and found it removed more hair.
   However yet again im not completely satisfied with the results my legs still feel abit stubbly like 2-3 days after shaving kind of feel.
 As i said earlier ive not waxed my legs before but im guessing they should be smooth, right?

I really wanted to like this product its easy to use,  its clean there's not dripping wax pots but it just didn't give me the results i wanted.
 My legs don't look stubbly they just feel it.
I wax my eyebrows using the Veet cold wax strips and my brows are left soft so im not sure if ive done it wrong or its just not very good?
It almost seems the wax didn't coat the hair enough to pull it out. Maybe the wax didn't get hot enough?

Im not sure but its not put me off waxing and i'm currently doing abit of research on the electric wax pots used professionally.

For the £15 i spent its been worth it ive not shaved in over a week now and im not sore or itchy like i often get from razors but i wouldn't pay £30 for it especially when the refills are around £10 each.

Have you tried the Veet easy roll? Did you get better results from it?
Any advise on buying a electric wax pot which be very much appreciated

Have a nice day!
Hayley at Blogging Lovely xx

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

*Mac brush set* well naughty Ebay ones! shhhhh!!!!

For the past few months my brush collection of about 4 brushes has not really been much use to me and quite often i've been using my fingers, don't get me wrong i love to apply make up with my fingers but i really thought it was time to stock up on some brushes. 

So my friend Holly showed me her recent brush purchase the Mac wannabe brushes!

She told me she paid about £25 for her brushes from a uk seller on Ebay but i managed to find them on Ebay for £15.98 all be it they would be coming all the way from Hong Kong but i'd lived without them for this long so i decided to order them and save myself £10.

They did take around 3 weeks to get here but they finally arrived.

The brushes come in this handy leather look roll up with Mac printed on the front in silver and straps to tie the case closed.

 Each brush has its own little pocket and the brush roll has a flip down cover to help keep your brushes nice and clean.

I paid £7.99 for the brushes and £7.99 for postage from Hong Kong which means i paid £15.98.
 I have put a link below for the Ebay seller where i got mine from and they seem to have gone down a tiny bit in price and are now £15.48. 

All the brushes are made from wood which has been painted black and they have mac and there brush number stamped onto the side in silver.
 I've been using them over the last few days and i have to say there really not bad there obviously not going to be of mac quality but for £15 for a 24 piece brush set, delivery and a brush roll there a bargain. The synthetic brushes are quite soft and don't shed also note there not mini brush sizes either there full size.

Top to bottom
129- blush or face powder brush
129SH- big face or powder brush
494SE- Large fan brush

168- foundation brush (should be labelled 190)
190-angled contour brush (should be labelled 168)

214- fan brush ( printed number incorrect)
252- shader brush
275- angled shader brush

242-shader brush
213- fluff brush

 263- sponge tip (labelled incorrectly)

 210-preceise lip linner brush
263SE- small angled brush 
316- lip brush

204-lash brush
217-blending brush

195- (incorrect number)

So there you go yes they may not be totally amazing brushes
Ok  some of the numbers on the brushes don't match up to what mac number them as but hey for £15 i love them!!

Have a nice day.
Hayley at Blogging Lovely xx

Monday, 7 May 2012

Bank Holiday shopping

So this afternoon me my Mum and my Little man Daniel had a mooch around the shops on yet another rainy bank holiday Monday.

My husband gave me some money to get him some jumpers as he says he is "fed up of feeling cold" haha but the shops are obviously holding out for summer and i really struggled to find nice jumpers for him. In the end i only managed to find one which i got from Choice (reduced next shop) which in Next was £50 reduced to £25 i completely forgot to take a photo of it sorry.

I also bought Daniel some chinos from Primark in a gorgeous deep plum/purple colour and a navy pair both just £6.00 and some jeans also £6 he already has the tan pair and dark tan and they wash and wear really well he is such a skinny minnie but they fit him really well.

I got this cute blouse from Primark for just £8 its a really pretty deep dusky pink with a cream scalloped collar and cream detail buttons.
 Im addicted to blouses at the moment so i felt this one would sit comfortably with my growing collection which looking back on are mostly from Primark.

I also got a few accessories from Primark.....
This pretty baby pink and white polka dot hair bow that was £1.50
 Its got a nice bit metal grip on the back so i won't slide out of your hair.

I got this on trend pale mint dimante ring reduced from £2 to £1

Lastly for accessories i got the below necklace. Its a short gold necklace with my initial in gems 'H' and as you can see was only £1.50.

I picked these little shoesies up too they are a navy canvas pump with brown leather look (come on they are from primark) and a gold chain on the front. Primark £8

I got 3 huge bath towels in black for our good old British caravan holiday at the end of May. 
I got them in black so i can use them at home after as my bathroom has hints of black in it. 
They were only £5.90 each which i think is a great price for the size of them!
You may notice from the above picture there are only 2 huge black towels???
This is because i went to work this evening and when i came home my husband had used one of them after his bath not realising they are for holiday. Tut Tut
  However i had the last laugh as they absolutely covered him in black fluff where they obviously hadn't been washed yet!! haha

I also got my third bottle of the Colour stay foundation from Revlon in the colour Buff which was £12.99 from Boots

Sadly my grey's are winning the fight so i had to buy some more hair dye to gain some control back over the little silver blighters and hide them.
 I've tried so so so...  many hair dyes over the years and always find myself coming back to Nice and Easy. 
Its easy to apply well its not called Nice and Easy for nothing and it doesn't fade.
I also think that the colour on the box is pretty much the colour your left with. Im sure we have all had disaster at home dye jobs... you pick one colour and end up with a completely different one.

 I will only be putting it on my roots so i don't get a build up of colour on my ends however.

Wow blurry picture sorry.
If you can't make out the name i got the shade natural medium cool brown from Boots for £5.99.

 With my Boots points i got the Lee Stafford growth treatment designed for hair that never grows past a certain length which should have been £7.99 for a 200ml tub but i got it for free!!
I've heard such good things about this and with me trying to grow my hair again i thought i would give this ago. 
You apply like most other hair treatments after shampoo and conditioner and leave it in your hair for 5 mins.
 I'm think im going to apply this instead of conditioner and leave it on for longer under a sexy shower cap. What a beaut! 
I will keep you blogged about this one!

I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend if you were lucky enough to be off work!
Hayley at Blogging Lovely xx

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Sleek Lipstick Review

My recent shopping trip led me to buy another Sleek lipstick so i can finally decide if there for me. 
If you remember i already had 2 sleek lipsticks. However i only liked one of them.

 The above lipstick which is called Baby doll is in my opinion one of the worst lipsticks i own i found it to be patchy and had a chalky look to it and also looked  a lot paler on the lips than when i swatched it on the back of my hand in Superdrug.

This one is called Candy Cane and is a really pretty bright red. I much prefer this shade which led me to wonder if i choose a bad shade with baby doll or a bad lipstick brand?

and here is my newest addiction pink freeze. Its quite similar to the above candy cane lipstick just with a little more pink to it.

The sleek lipsticks are available from Superdrug and costs £3.99 each some of the shades and finishing textures remind me of the Barry M Lipsticks.
I love the sleek blushers and eyeshadow palettes but i have to say i don't think the lipsticks are for me. Im not keen on the finished application of them on my lips and found them to be quite drying with a similar consistency to face paint. 
I know the shades i choose may not be everyday shades but i sometimes love the pop of colour that a braver shade of lippy can give but sadly i've just not found myself reaching for them.

I dont want them to just sit in my make up basket among the shades i do use
 (that's just lipstick cruelty) so i may ask my sister, Stacey if she wants to try them if not i will see if i can work them in the summer maybe with some gloss on top?

Have you got any Sleek Lipsticks?
What do you think?

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Peptalash Review

Hi Lovely's!
So its been about 2 weeks of applying the Peptalash serum to my lashes morning and night and so i can now finally write my final review for this product.

Below is a photo of how the serum comes packaged.

What is peptalash?  
Peptalash is a serum that helps to make your natural lashes appear thicker, fuller and longer in as little as 2 weeks! Sounds good eh?

Where can i buy Peptalash?
 Peptalash is currently only available from selected Boots stores and is £24.99.

What does peptalash look like? 
 It comes in an almost identical bottle to liquid eyeliner with a matching slim brush applicator, however the serum inside is clear.

How do you apply Peptalash?
 You apply peptalash morning and night to clean dry eyelashes going along the base of your eyelashes starting from the inner corner working outwards using the slim applicator brush.



I found the whole process easy, its easy to apply and as the serum is clear its mess free and mistake free. BUT ...

As you can see from the above photos (apologies there not very pretty)
There has been eye my eyes (haha get it?) pretty much no change!

Apart from the fact it has made no difference i also think it has a huge price tag especially as i have mentioned before on the back of the bottle is states the product can only be kept for one month. 
I also found that if the serum got into my eye which to be fair is going to happen when applying it to short lashes it actually really stings.

So rather disappointingly i really don't rate this product i will carry on using it and will blog if i see a change in the results.
 Save your hard earned cash and stick to lengthening mascaras, fake eyelashes or if you want something to give you that glamerus lash effect everyday buy the Model co fibre lash mascara which is currently on offer from £35 to £30 in Boots.
 Ive found this gives an instant longer fuller lash and lasts a lot longer than 1 month its also cheaper than Pepalash and your usual mascara.
I can do a full review on the fibre lash mascara if you would like?

Have a nice day
Hayley at BloggingLovelyxx