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Monday, 14 May 2012

I recently purchased the new Veet electrical roll kit.
I got in from my local Sainsburys as it was reduced from £30 to about £12.
 I'm always happy to try out new ways to rid myself of the gorilla look but without much luck as yet.

I've tried so many different kinds of hair removal from womens razors, mens razors, epliators etc etc and was still yet to try waxing.
So whilst the veet easy roll was on special offer i thought it would be a perfect time to try it.

Each kit contains: an electrical cable,
 Veet instructions, 
the device and stand, 
wipes (that remove wax) 
and the wax refill.
 Its also guaranteed for 2 years.

Whilst i very impatiently waited for my leg hair to grow to a yeti length i found a few blogs saying the 12  strips incuded  in the kit weren't enough so i ordered some more from ebay just incase they were only £2.69 for 100. 

So about a week later i sat down to bravely wax my legs.
I slotted the wax cartridge into the device and plugged it in and waited the 20 mintutes advised in the instructions. 

After 20 mintues i found the wax wasn't quite ready as it didn't roll smoothly from the applicator so i left it a further 5- 10 minutes.

When the wax was finally ready to roll i rolled the warm pink wax onto my leg.
(the photo above was taken when my leg hair obviously was not a its full yeti stage.)

I placed a clean strip over the wax rubbed it and.......
(the above strip is from the pack i purchased off ebay)

It hurt more than shaving (obviously) but not as much as a epliator. 
I inspected my leg after i removed the strip and it had left a few behind so i plucked the strays with tweezers. I found it easier to use shorter sized strips and found it removed more hair.
   However yet again im not completely satisfied with the results my legs still feel abit stubbly like 2-3 days after shaving kind of feel.
 As i said earlier ive not waxed my legs before but im guessing they should be smooth, right?

I really wanted to like this product its easy to use,  its clean there's not dripping wax pots but it just didn't give me the results i wanted.
 My legs don't look stubbly they just feel it.
I wax my eyebrows using the Veet cold wax strips and my brows are left soft so im not sure if ive done it wrong or its just not very good?
It almost seems the wax didn't coat the hair enough to pull it out. Maybe the wax didn't get hot enough?

Im not sure but its not put me off waxing and i'm currently doing abit of research on the electric wax pots used professionally.

For the £15 i spent its been worth it ive not shaved in over a week now and im not sore or itchy like i often get from razors but i wouldn't pay £30 for it especially when the refills are around £10 each.

Have you tried the Veet easy roll? Did you get better results from it?
Any advise on buying a electric wax pot which be very much appreciated

Have a nice day!
Hayley at Blogging Lovely xx

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