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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

quick up do ideal for shorter hair

So as you know i'm trying to grow my hair out from an A line bob.
(I will do a hair history blog post soon)
 Its currently teetering at my shoulders and seems to be at that horrible shapeless stage but i will persevere and have long locks soon!
Whilst growing my hair i have found myself suffering from hair envy for the high bun it looks so effortless, girly and glam.
 I know it sounds like such a simple style but when you have short hair it just doesn't have the same effect.
Until a few days ago that is and so i thought i would share some tips for a top bun ideal for short hair but would work great for long hair too!
Its quick and simple!

Step 1- Tie your hair up into a high pony tail if you have short hair you can pin and hairspray any strays up or leave them down for a messy effect.

Step 2- Spray your pony tail with hairspray and back comb.
This will make your hair look and feel thicker and fuller giving you more to play with.

Step 3- Smooth down a little for a neat glam up do or leave backcombed for a thrown together look.

Step 4- Lightly pull apart the back combed hair in all directions for big hair!

Step 5-  Now just pin the ends of your big hair around the hair band into a bun shape and finish with a spritz of hairspray to hold your style or some shine spray for a glossy look.

Tips and style-
Add cute clips, bows and hair bands for a pin up look or add a sparkly brooch or clip to give your style a glam look great for parties nights out or weddings.
Keep a small piece of hair from the side of your pony tail out of the final bun to wrap around the finished bun to hide the hair band.

Here are some photos of my finished look.

Thanks for reading
Hayley at Blogging lovely xx

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