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Monday, 31 October 2011

35 hints and tips with Vaseline

I wanted to share some hints, tips and tricks that you can use a cheap jar of vaseline for!

  • Set brows with it
  • Use it on top of lipstick as a gloss
  • Put it around your hair line to prevent staining when dying your hair
  • Mix it with sugar for an instant lip scrub.
  • Put it on your eyelashes at bed time to help them grow long and thick

  • Rub it into your feet before bed and sleep in socks
  • Use it as a cutical cream
  • Remove eye make up with it
  • Put some on your lips and rub with a toothbrush to remove dry flaky skin
  • Sooth a sore poorly nose with it if you have a cold

  • A thin layer of it under your perfume makes it last longer on the skin.
  • Use it to shine your shoes
  • Apply to your cheek bones for a dewy look
  • Apply it around your nails before painting them if you mess up you can  just wipe the nail varnish away
  • Rub it into your elbows for smooth skin

  • Apply after waxing or shaving to soothe and moisturise the skin
  • Apply to your neck and chest to keep skin young and supple
  • Rub into your legs and chest before a night out to give them a glamorous sheen
  • Use it to soften cuticles before pushing them back
  • Use it to moisturise your knees

  • If you find it difficult to put your earnings in put a little bit of it on your earlobe and your earing will glide in.
  • Mix with sea salt to make a body scrub
  • Use it to massage with,  safe to use on babies too!
  • put it on cuts to protect them and stop them from bleeding.
  • mix with your favorite lipstick to make a cream blush

  • Put it on new tattoos to moisturise and protect them
  • Use as a hair as a serum
  • Remove make up stains on you clothes with it
  • Rub it on the neck of nail varnish bottles to stop them sticking
  • Clean leather bags with it

  • Mix it with eye shadow to make a cream glossy eye shadow
  • Remove fake eye lash glue with it
  • Use it underneath a plaster to draw out splinters
  • use it as a lip balm (obviously!!)
Hope you enjoyed!

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Bloody lovely nails.

To enter into the Halloween spirit i painted my nails in a dripping blood design.

For the base i used Ciate in beach melba you could also use white for a more dramatic look for the blood i used Barry M bright red on top of this i added Barry M red glitter nail polish to give it a scary wet effect.
Waaa! ha! ha! haaa!
(insert scary laugh)

Without Glitter

Without Glitter

With Glitter

With Glitter

Shoes to make you giggle or cry in pain!

The weird and oh so wonderful world of shoes..........
How do you walk in these?

If a spider is not your thing you can also have a scorpion or maybe a fish!
Decisions desions...

If you have a foot fobia look away now.

Woof woof!

Thats it love take the weight of your feet!

These look like very angry shoes to me.

I think i need to stop looking at weird shoes im starting to like them!

Great idea from beach to sea without having to change.

Are these incase you feet get tierd of walking or are they for the elderly?

They all make my eyes water just looking at them. Ouch!!
Get your foldaway shoes ready loves!!

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Todays make up look - Warm and toasty xx

Today's make up look-

I've given up with my Garnier BB cream infact i have passed it onto my sister Stacey i have my eye on the MUA primer, my sister in law Emma recommended it to me.

 However until i get my paws on this i went straight in hiding my under eye circle with Mac studio fix fluid in NW22 i have recently discoverd that when i use a darker concealer (or in my case an expensive foundation i bought in a shade to dark for my skin) it seems to cover better than when i use the usual light concealer i don't know why it works for me but it does. It doesn't make sense to me as your putting dark onto dark but if it hides the old lady eyes im all for it. 
I then applied my foundation, Mac studion fix fluid in NW15 with my naughty but clean hands 
(i know i know i will buy a foundation brush soon)

I then darkened and devined my eyebrows using the hd brows palette using the colour Dark Brown and contoured using Barry M bronzing powder. I added highlights to  my eyebrows and cheek bones using primarks my hearts desire shimmer blush hearts.

I then moved onto my eyes i applied a mix of front covers frosted almond (a gold/copper colour) and pale gold (a gold/olive colour) as the main colour to my lids then to the outer corners of my eyes i used copper coin which is a really dark rich shimmer brown and on the inner corner i added a dash of silver dollar to make my blue eyes stand out. I used my boujoir eyeliner khol and contour in ultra black on the inner and outer eyelid and set the upper lash line again using hd brows in carbon a really dark sootty colour. 
I finised my eyes with Rimmel The Max Volume Lash.

I added a bit of colour to my pasty complextion using Bourjois paris blush in Lilas d'or on the apples of my cheeks darkening towards my hairline by adding Mac mineralize blush in feeling flush. 

Finally i kept my lips quite natural using Kate Moss Rimmel lipstick in 03.

Friday, 28 October 2011

My Halloween pumpkin.

Evening all. 
Just a quick Blog to share my carved pumpkin with you.

Its of Tinkerbell
 Apologies for the quality of photos i took them on my phone in the dark lol

Every year my husband and i have a competition who can do the best pumpkin carving
 Last year i did Lionel Richie haha and he did Batman. Will try and get last years pumpkin carving photos.
He is still to carve his. 
So fingers crossed!Come on Tinkerbell win it for the girls!!! lol.
I will add my sons entry soon however as he is only 6 its not a carving of anything in particular but he worked hard on it and it deserves being shown lol.

Mister Mascara tweezer review

I have had these tweezers for almost a year now and i'm as much in love with them today as was when i first got them.

I have always been a bit of a baby when it comes to tweezering my eyebrows so i find waxing the best for me it hurts like a beast but it gets the job done and quickly!! 
I wax my eyebrows myself as i'm quite happy with the end results however in between waxing or during waxing to create shape i use the above.
 As i said before i have had them almost a year there still nice and sharp they hold the unwanted hair nice and tightly so you don't have to go for the same hair over and over again, uhh how frustrating is that!
They are slanted for precision and i find they can grab thick or thin hairs short or long.
 The cute picture which is of a Japanese lady holding a fan hasn't been worn off by my fingers and you get a little suction cup to attach to your make up mirror or bathroom tiles. 
No more hunting around for your tweezers!!

On the Mister Mascara website it states they are mini however i don't think there any smaller than normal sized tweezers i have included some pictures below so you can see the actual sized product which i think is important.
They are available from Here and cost £9.10
Blogging Lovely rating
I love them they work for me just wish they were a little cheaper or maybe come in different designs.



They also sell these on there website that i have my little eye on......

Make up organiser £8.95

Lash curler £7.15

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Trick or Treat!!

Halloween inspired treats!!

Lush Skullduggery

Kirks Folly 'Its witch craft'  

Philosophy Trick or treat shampoo shower gel and bubble bath duo. 

Trick or treat medium yankee candle jar 

Wiches brew yankee candle jar small

Witches Brew tea cosy. 
Not on the high street 

Block Orange Barry M nail varnish

Pave Crystal spider brooch

Crafted skull clutch bag 

Black skeleton tights 
 £3.90 (includes p&p)