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Monday, 31 October 2011

35 hints and tips with Vaseline

I wanted to share some hints, tips and tricks that you can use a cheap jar of vaseline for!

  • Set brows with it
  • Use it on top of lipstick as a gloss
  • Put it around your hair line to prevent staining when dying your hair
  • Mix it with sugar for an instant lip scrub.
  • Put it on your eyelashes at bed time to help them grow long and thick

  • Rub it into your feet before bed and sleep in socks
  • Use it as a cutical cream
  • Remove eye make up with it
  • Put some on your lips and rub with a toothbrush to remove dry flaky skin
  • Sooth a sore poorly nose with it if you have a cold

  • A thin layer of it under your perfume makes it last longer on the skin.
  • Use it to shine your shoes
  • Apply to your cheek bones for a dewy look
  • Apply it around your nails before painting them if you mess up you can  just wipe the nail varnish away
  • Rub it into your elbows for smooth skin

  • Apply after waxing or shaving to soothe and moisturise the skin
  • Apply to your neck and chest to keep skin young and supple
  • Rub into your legs and chest before a night out to give them a glamorous sheen
  • Use it to soften cuticles before pushing them back
  • Use it to moisturise your knees

  • If you find it difficult to put your earnings in put a little bit of it on your earlobe and your earing will glide in.
  • Mix with sea salt to make a body scrub
  • Use it to massage with,  safe to use on babies too!
  • put it on cuts to protect them and stop them from bleeding.
  • mix with your favorite lipstick to make a cream blush

  • Put it on new tattoos to moisturise and protect them
  • Use as a hair as a serum
  • Remove make up stains on you clothes with it
  • Rub it on the neck of nail varnish bottles to stop them sticking
  • Clean leather bags with it

  • Mix it with eye shadow to make a cream glossy eye shadow
  • Remove fake eye lash glue with it
  • Use it underneath a plaster to draw out splinters
  • use it as a lip balm (obviously!!)
Hope you enjoyed!


  1. woweeee I didn't realise it had so many uses! I'm definitely going to have to try some of these out especially the perfume and earrings one xxxx

  2. Fab post, if you don't mind I'll be writing all this down for future reference :)

  3. wow i never realized how much you could do with Vaseline xx

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