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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Peptalash- Longer fuller lashes?

Yesterday Boots sent me a new and exciting product to review it promises to give me longer, thicker, fuller lashes in just 2 weeks its by a company called Peptalash and costs £24.99 for a 5ml bottle.
I will apply the product morning and night in the hope that my lashes will flutter, I have quite short eyelashes that grow like they have been straightened so this will be a rather interesting treatment for me.

It comes in a similar bottle to liquid eyeliner and you apply it in a similar way. Starting in the inner corner with your eyes shut you run the applicator along the base of you eyelashes and again but with your eyes open. 
The product is a clear liquid that does slightly sting if it gets in your eyes which doesn't really make sense to me as its made to go near the eyes??

There are currently two reviews on the Boots website that both say they saw results within 1 week so my hopes are high for this one!
The only downside i can see at the moment is that is states on the side of the bottle that once this product has been opened it will only last for 1 month, £25 a month would work out crazy expensive £300 a year expensive!
I will review the product fully in two weeks however. 
I have taken some before pictures and hopefully i will need to take some amazing after pictures....

fingers crossed loves!

Here is the link to it on the boots website. Flutter

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  1. £25 a month is quite expensive! Let us know what the outcome is:)