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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Scatter Cushions - BHS

Bhs have got some really lovely bits for the home at the moment with quite a few pieces on sale too. 
Its not a place i would necessarily think of looking for home accessories but i was actually quite impressed with the quirkiness and choice of there products.
I picked up two pretty scatter cushions which were both on sale. 
I love how something so simple as a fluffy cushion can change the look of a room adding comfort, softness and style.
The first cushion i bought was a lovely kitsch cushion that was reduced from £15 to £4.50 its a really nice size especially for under £5!

Its got such pretty details to it. 
The flower on the front is beautifully stitched giving it has that homely, i'm great with a needle and thread kind of look.
 The back of the cushion is covered with ditsy flower material so you could turn it over to switch it up from time to time.

The second cushion i got should have been £10 but was reduced to just £2.20.
 Its quite a bit smaller than the flower cushion above but its still a really nice size.
 Its made to look like a 1st class stamp and such a bargain especially with all the gorgeous detailing on it.

I have added a picture of both the cushions together below so you can get an idea of the size difference.


  1. I always forget BHS for homewares! Dammit.

  2. I love the one union jack cushion cover ...very unique