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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Sleek lipstick

Sleek Lipsticks.....

In the past the only thing i have owned from sleek was a bright pink blush called Pixie Although its bright in the pan on the cheeks it leaves a nice pink healthy hue that looks really pretty.

I've found a new love for lipsticks recently however and have been buying quite a few.
 I used to be more of a clear gloss kind of girl but im swayed by the fact i can match my lipstick to my outfit!! 
With the two points above in mind i purchased two true colour sleek lipsticks from superdrug.
I picked up a bright red shade called candy cane which is sheen and a soft bubble gum pink called baby doll that is matte.
Candy cane on the left and baby doll on the right.
Not the greatest of picture sorry my camera didn't want to play today!

Each lipstick comes in its only box with i always vow to  pop the lipstick  back into after every use and of course never do. 
They are £3.99 each from Superdrug or online and come in sleek (no pun intended) black oval shaped applicators.

I'm really happy with Candy Cane its quite moisturising its a really pretty bright red with a tiny touch of white to soften the shade and lasts really well. 
I'm not sure if its a little too bright for everyday or spring as i wore it on Thursday just around the house as you do and my husband said 
"woah that's bright red!" 
Clearly didn't notice i had carefully matched it to a bracelet i was wearing.. eh men!

The baby doll lipstick however looks horrible on me! Its so pale it makes me look like i have no lips, its sits in every crack and line on my lips and looks chalky.

So im so on the fence with these!
 I purchased two shades but only liked one!! 
So there is only one way to settle this.
Yes you guessed it....For the good of beauty and my blog i shall purchase another one, well best out of 3??
To be continued..............................


  1. i love the first one. Ive never tried those but the first one looks great for the money :) xx

  2. Yeah im really not keen on the baby doll one but still feel i cant throw it away lol x