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Friday, 28 October 2011

Mister Mascara tweezer review

I have had these tweezers for almost a year now and i'm as much in love with them today as was when i first got them.

I have always been a bit of a baby when it comes to tweezering my eyebrows so i find waxing the best for me it hurts like a beast but it gets the job done and quickly!! 
I wax my eyebrows myself as i'm quite happy with the end results however in between waxing or during waxing to create shape i use the above.
 As i said before i have had them almost a year there still nice and sharp they hold the unwanted hair nice and tightly so you don't have to go for the same hair over and over again, uhh how frustrating is that!
They are slanted for precision and i find they can grab thick or thin hairs short or long.
 The cute picture which is of a Japanese lady holding a fan hasn't been worn off by my fingers and you get a little suction cup to attach to your make up mirror or bathroom tiles. 
No more hunting around for your tweezers!!

On the Mister Mascara website it states they are mini however i don't think there any smaller than normal sized tweezers i have included some pictures below so you can see the actual sized product which i think is important.
They are available from Here and cost £9.10
Blogging Lovely rating
I love them they work for me just wish they were a little cheaper or maybe come in different designs.



They also sell these on there website that i have my little eye on......

Make up organiser £8.95

Lash curler £7.15


  1. those are so cute! i absolutely hate doing my own eyebrows though so i tend to get them waxed!



  2. cute tweezers xx

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