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Monday, 7 May 2012

Bank Holiday shopping

So this afternoon me my Mum and my Little man Daniel had a mooch around the shops on yet another rainy bank holiday Monday.

My husband gave me some money to get him some jumpers as he says he is "fed up of feeling cold" haha but the shops are obviously holding out for summer and i really struggled to find nice jumpers for him. In the end i only managed to find one which i got from Choice (reduced next shop) which in Next was £50 reduced to £25 i completely forgot to take a photo of it sorry.

I also bought Daniel some chinos from Primark in a gorgeous deep plum/purple colour and a navy pair both just £6.00 and some jeans also £6 he already has the tan pair and dark tan and they wash and wear really well he is such a skinny minnie but they fit him really well.

I got this cute blouse from Primark for just £8 its a really pretty deep dusky pink with a cream scalloped collar and cream detail buttons.
 Im addicted to blouses at the moment so i felt this one would sit comfortably with my growing collection which looking back on are mostly from Primark.

I also got a few accessories from Primark.....
This pretty baby pink and white polka dot hair bow that was £1.50
 Its got a nice bit metal grip on the back so i won't slide out of your hair.

I got this on trend pale mint dimante ring reduced from £2 to £1

Lastly for accessories i got the below necklace. Its a short gold necklace with my initial in gems 'H' and as you can see was only £1.50.

I picked these little shoesies up too they are a navy canvas pump with brown leather look (come on they are from primark) and a gold chain on the front. Primark £8

I got 3 huge bath towels in black for our good old British caravan holiday at the end of May. 
I got them in black so i can use them at home after as my bathroom has hints of black in it. 
They were only £5.90 each which i think is a great price for the size of them!
You may notice from the above picture there are only 2 huge black towels???
This is because i went to work this evening and when i came home my husband had used one of them after his bath not realising they are for holiday. Tut Tut
  However i had the last laugh as they absolutely covered him in black fluff where they obviously hadn't been washed yet!! haha

I also got my third bottle of the Colour stay foundation from Revlon in the colour Buff which was £12.99 from Boots

Sadly my grey's are winning the fight so i had to buy some more hair dye to gain some control back over the little silver blighters and hide them.
 I've tried so so so...  many hair dyes over the years and always find myself coming back to Nice and Easy. 
Its easy to apply well its not called Nice and Easy for nothing and it doesn't fade.
I also think that the colour on the box is pretty much the colour your left with. Im sure we have all had disaster at home dye jobs... you pick one colour and end up with a completely different one.

 I will only be putting it on my roots so i don't get a build up of colour on my ends however.

Wow blurry picture sorry.
If you can't make out the name i got the shade natural medium cool brown from Boots for £5.99.

 With my Boots points i got the Lee Stafford growth treatment designed for hair that never grows past a certain length which should have been £7.99 for a 200ml tub but i got it for free!!
I've heard such good things about this and with me trying to grow my hair again i thought i would give this ago. 
You apply like most other hair treatments after shampoo and conditioner and leave it in your hair for 5 mins.
 I'm think im going to apply this instead of conditioner and leave it on for longer under a sexy shower cap. What a beaut! 
I will keep you blogged about this one!

I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend if you were lucky enough to be off work!
Hayley at Blogging Lovely xx


  1. Love the look of the pink hair bow, so cute for summer! xx

    1. Will be really cute for the summer! Its a nice size too especially for £1.50

  2. Replies
    1. I guessing you mean the blouse. Thanks xx

  3. i love the blouse, its soo cutee. i really love primark at the moment, so many good things. i love all of the dresses they have in stock at the moment as well (;