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Friday, 20 April 2012

I Love Pinterest!

I wanted to share a website i am addicted to. As the title hints its called Pinterest here is the link incase you to want a new addiction.
Basically its a website built up with lots of people from around the world pinning on the website what they like from websites, blogs or personal diy projects. The webiste is really easy to use you can view random categories all at once or be specific on you search i.e fashion, hair and beauty, home etc..
 Its a great place to get ideas and has given me lots of inspiration for some DIY projects i would like to try.
If you join which is free you can create your own boards of things you love and you can pin some of your own idea to share with others that can then spread the word an re pin on there boards for future inspiration.

Here are a few examples of pins that interested me! 
I think these shoes look amazing! They are made by glueing batman comics to some cute ballet pumps and covering them with a layer of waterproof varnish also known as modge podge.

These would be great to make from an old pair of jeans and some lace or netting. I think they would be pretty easy to make by just sewing or wonder webbing lace onto the pockets and with the left over lace you could make these......

Daniel and i are going to attempt this for his teacher at the end of school term.
Thank you for helping me grow!! Too cute!

A mustache cushion made from white pillow cases and black felt.

We are currently working on this project. We bought a plain white duvet cover set from Argos and we're using a black fabric pen to draw Daniels pictures onto the cover. We are calling it Daniels Favorite things he choose to draw Star Wars, Ice cream and Science which is his favorite subject at school. 
We will do a full Blog on our masterpiece when we have finished it.

I think this would make such a great gift for a new baby, new home, fathers/mothers day or a wedding.
Its made using a box frame which you can get from The Range and scrabble tiles. 
I've been hunting charity shops for an old box of scrabble.

And finally this simple up do using a cute pink ribbon

As you can see there are some great ideas and how to's on the website even if you don't enjoy DIY projects there are lots of inspirational pictures on there.

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