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Monday, 21 November 2011

Goodbye Glossy Box xx

So following my earlier blog post today showing the contents of the November Glossy Box ive actually decided to cancel my love hate relationship with them.
I have been subscribed to Glossy Box since June and for the last 2-3 boxes i have received i have played with the idea of cancelling the subscription and the November box gave me the push i needed.
I think that £12.95 a month is quite expensive to spend on samples a month i know thats rather an odd quote as that's what i signed up for but when i first signed up there was no charge for postage which is £2.95 now and i just feel the samples have let me down more times than they have got me excited.
So this morning i opened my box, blogged about the contents and cancelled my subscription whilst i felt disappointed if i hadn't have done it straight away i would have just put the box down to a not so Glossy month for Glossy Box.
So out with the old and in with the new i say and so as soon as i had cancelled my subscription to Glossy i decided to subscribe to the Feel Unique Beauty Box at a monthly subscription of £9.95 saving me £3 a month i know that doesn't seem a huge saving but its enough to buy a month:

x3 MUA eye dusts- Superdrug

NYC false eyelashes and an MUA eye dust

A Barry M nail varnish (with change)

2 pack hoops and a 9 pack of hair bands both from new look.

A pair or cute bow slippers and a 2 pack of hair clips both from Matalan

Well you get the idea LOL. 
I am due to receive my first box early December so not to long to wait lovely's and of course i will keep you posted (excuse the pun)


  1. I love Feel Unique box - its brill value for money x

  2. I've been contemplating cancelling my subsription too but I'll leave it one more month after the Christmas box...
    I'm just worried that I might miss out!

  3. Uhhh, I've seen a lot of bad comments about this months GB, I still haven't received mine yet. I received an email from them middle of last week saying there had been a problem with the transfer due to 1 of 3 reasons, insufficient funds in my acc, change of billing address etc, it was none of those so I had to resubscribe. And nooow I still havent received it. Getting just a little p!ssed off now so im dreading what I recieve as that will prob push me over the edge to cancellation too, lol

  4. X Beauty Balm- Yay im so glad! I can't wait to get mine. I hope its better than Glossy Box! xx

    X Senmama- Thats exactly what i was going to do presuming that the crimbo bx would be a good one but i was so disappointed with this months i didn't wanna waste anymore money on it xx

    X Kate- Ooooh Kate! Poor you u sound like ur having a real bad time with them. Im due to get my new box early December which i will review/ share on my blog, if u like the look of it u prob still have time to cancel ur December glossy box xxx

  5. yay glossybox xx

    my blog : http://ravingbeautyx.blogspot.com/


  6. RavingBeautyx- I love the thought of it but my love for Glossy Box has faded lol. Hopefully i have found my new love xx