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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

OPI Vintage Minnie Mouse polish review

If you remember a few days ago (gold star for you) I blogged about a website called buyapowa introduced to me by my lovely sister Stacey here is a little linky doodle to the website and my previous blog post  explaining how buyapower works.

So the Buyapowa bulk buy lot ended with 86 people purchasing the opi Vintage Minnie Mouse nail varnish set me included pushing the price down to £7.50 and it came this morning! 

I'm really impressed with how quickly  buyapowa sent out my polish to me they also sent me regular update emails on the current price of the nail varnish and when they had been shipped to me etc. Which often left me eeekking!! at my email inbox with excitement.

 I just love the little Minnie Mouse packaging its far to cute to throw away so im going to keep my new little delights in it.

In the pack you get 4 mini nail varnishes with 3.75ml in each and here they are in more detail swatches and all.....

If You Moust You Moust

This is a really pretty creamy pink it applied really nicely and left a smooth shinny finish on my nails.

The Colour Of Minnie

 This is a really pretty bright red with a slight hue of pink to it. Again it applied really nicely and left a professional look on my nails.

Im All Ears

 Im All Ears is a rich bright pink with lots of tiny pink shimmer it. 
I found this to be quite thin and maybe best as a shimmer top coat perhaps over The Colour Of Minnie.

Finally in the set is a quick drying clear top coat.

Below is a photo of all 3 Minnie Mouse inspired shades together.
The Colour Of Minnie
If You Moust You Moust
Im All Ears

For todays polish (as much as i was enjoying the mix and match trio) i finally decided on
The Colour Of Minnie!!

Below i have linked some cheap Minnie Mouse nail varnish i found on ebay all at buy it now prices:

Im All Ears full size £9.49 here
The Colour Of Minnie full Size £9.49 here
If you Moust You Moust full size £9.49 here
Nothing Mousie bout it (not in above set but is a heart glitter top coat) full size £9.49 here
Full mini set as above here £10.85 here

Lots of love Hayley at Blogging Lovely xx


  1. the colours are all soo pretty, perfect for summer aswell! plus i love minnie mouse aha (:

  2. I bought the full size I'm All Ears but want the whole collection!

    1. Did you! You lucky lady! I would like the colour of minnie in a full size. x

  3. That buyapowa site sound amazing! Can't wait to try it out - thanks for sharing!