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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Shabby chic. Who lives in a house like this??

Well.... Me!
I wanted to share some pictures of my home with you I thought it would be a bit different from my usual Blogs and iv'e noticed that a few of you also like shabby chic, french, retro styles like me.

If you like any of the above or have a taste for interior design read on my lovely's...... xx
(Includes lots of photos.x)

The 1st picture is of my bed which is a cream bed knobs and broom sticks type bed from Argos. The floral  bedding was a set from Matalan i just folded the bed sheet in half to make a floral throw at the foot of the bed. The pink blanket is From Ikea and the blue duvet cover is from Argos. My bed is crying out for some scatter cushions much to the annoyance of my husband lol! (men just don't appreciate a good scatter cushion)

This is a wooden heart shaped chalk board from the range that hangs in our hallway which hangs from the white hook frame which is also from the Range.

The wire heart candle holders were our table centers at our wedding so now i have 8 of them!!
They are from the Range.
The little china bird in from Wilkinsons

Here we have a cream wire heart that holds special photos of my family.
It hangs in our living room and is from the Range.

This is a lace effect metal plant pot from Ikea. I will admit to you girls that the plant also from Ikea
 is a fake! lol

The most important thing to me... Family.
From Home Bargains

Cream metal and glass candle holder, this was on our top table and looks great in our living room now.
Its from the Range.

Home made bunting i spent many nights making meters and meters of bunting for our wedding and now it hangs in our bedroom and living room with loads to spare! I made it using fabric from Dun elm.
(Can do a how to if requested)
Below is a little pic of it decorating our wedding reception.

Spotty china plant pot from Home Base with an Aloe Vera plant in it bought from my local village fate.
(see this is why i buy fake plants its looking very sorry for itself)

Welcome sign that sits on top of a big mirror in my living room
 maybe should be in the hall though ???
which is from Dun Elm.

Two Retro Marmite canvas that hang in our kitchen.
I bought the two Canvas pictures from BHS in the January sales.

Hambuger hook and metal peg pot hangs in my kitchen i can't remember where i bought either of these as I've had them a while. 
Left to right sat on a white floating shelf - Another fake plant from Dun Elm, a wooden Easter figure made by my son from Hobby Craft, a long white china plant pots that holds my mini cook books from the £1 shop, a little terracotta pot a painted white that holds mini pencils, a wooden chalk box and a china cup cake pot from Home And Bargains that has needles and thread in it The chalk board above i made myself, using chalk board paint and off cuts of dado rail
 (I can do a separate blog if anyone want more info x )

Cath Kidston mugs from John Lewis.

A wooden frame with an old Pic of my son in it from Dun Elm

and finally we have a metal bedside table from Ikea, 2 shabby chic photo frames the left is of my husbands parents on there wedding day and the right is a photo of my parents the frames are from Dun Elm.
In the middle is a wooden heart jewelry box from Marks and Spencers and the metal key which reminds me of Alice in Wonderland is from John Lewis.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed the little glimpse into my home and the type of things we like.


  1. so cute! I have the same bedding!!

  2. so cute! I have the same bedding!!

  3. I love your house!!! I want! hahah
    its gorgeous!
    I would love to know how you did the bunting :)

  4. X Jen- Thanks Hun! haha I will do a blog on how to make bunting for you xx

  5. Aww I love all the special touches to your house! I would have never have guessed the chalkboard was made from a dado rail, very clever!
    I absolutely love shabby chic too - I've got a make-up room designed in that theme, maybe I should take some pics to post too? Hmmm..

  6. X- Kate- Thanks Kate i think we may have spoken about or love love for shabby chic lol.
    I'd love to see photos of your shabby chic make up room its great to get new ideas. xx

  7. Oh have we? My memory!
    I'll get round to it at some point.. I'd love to do my whole house in it but I think it'd drive my boyfriend insane after a while, too feminine for him! haha

  8. I really enjoyed looking at your pictures. You have some lovely things in your house. It's given me a few ideas :)

    I also have given you a blog award :)

  9. X kate- Its not to my husbands taste either really he would have it like a bachelor pad if he could lol i think it looks warm and homely xx

  10. Kristin- Im glad you enjoyed looking through my pictures im glad its given you some ideas. Thank you so much for the Blog award your so kind. xxxx

  11. i never thought of putting anything like that up or in my bedroom but i think it would kind of make your house/bedroom unique to you and special xx

    my blog : http://ravingbeautyx.blogspot.com/

    Lauren x

  12. Lauren- Its what i think makes it YOUR home and not just A home. The personal touches LOL xxx

  13. cute house!! Love that big ol' key! xx

  14. X Cow biscuits- Thanks hun i love the big key too lol its fun isn't it xx

    X-Chloe- Thanks Chloe xx

  15. I really enjoyed looking through these pictures :) everything is so cute! xx

  16. X Shannon- Thanks lovely glad you enjoyed reading my blog. xx