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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Requested Bunting tutorial...xx

Following my who lives in a house like this blog one of my subscribers Jen asked me to explain how i made the featured bunting.

Here a link to Jens blog too- http://goodgirlgonered.blogspot.com/   xx

I thought i would make it as simple as possible and write a separate blog about it.
I made loads and loads of bunting to decorate our wedding reception in July i wanted it to be shabby chic pretty and easy.
You will need:
a sewing machine

For my wedding bunting i bought 3 different styles of fabric from Dun Elm for £8 per meter and i used a meter of each.
 However you can use old bed sheets, tops, jeans, off cuts of fabric anything!
I'm using an old Top Shop top just to show u xx

Step 1.-  Cut out a cardboard triangle. This is the stencil you will use to mark out the sewing line for your bunting.
My triangle is 12cm at the top and 15cm at the sides
(notice the faint line down the middle of the fabric this helped me find the middle of the the bunting)

Step 3- Using your cardboard stencil draw around your triangle x2 onto your chosen fabric  
(If your fabric has a pattern draw on the back)

Step 3- Cut out your fabric triangle leaving a rough 1cm edge along both 15cm lines the top of the bunting can be cut straight along your pen line.

Step 4- Pin 2 triangles back to back So the pattern is on the inside. You should be able to see pen on both triangles.

Step 5- Sew along the two side edges leaving the top open so its like a triangle puppet and turn inside out so you can now see the pattern and iron flat.

Step 6- Fold your ribbon in half long ways and iron shut.

Place the top of your bunting (only open side left) inside the the folded ribbon pin and sew closed.

Step 6- Using another piece of card measure out a spacer card, this just makes it easier to keep the spaces in between the bunting even you can have as big of a gap as you like i kept this simple and choose 6cm. 
Lay this between each ready made bunting triangle and sew on...

I hope this makes sense to you all its quite difficult to write sewing instructions down but its actually really easy to make.
 Happy Sewing Blogging Bunting!! xx


  1. Ahhh! Thank you!!!
    Really wanna try this right now! But will have to restrain myself until I raid my grans house tomorrow for material :)

  2. wow you must have alot of patience to sit and do that for hours and hours i would get bored and eventually probably give up xx

    my blog : http://ravingbeautyx.blogspot.com/

    Lauren x

  3. X Lauren- I love being creative it took some concentration to make as many as i did lol but its worth it in the end. xx