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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Bargain Beauty Haul xx

 A quick blog full of photos and beauty bargains.
 Let me know if you have tried any of them as they were all 1st buys for me.

The 1st thing i bought was this Hello Kitty pencil case.... No not for pencils! but for makeup brushes its an extra thin case so thought i would be perfect to stop me routing through in in the morning to find one! I got it from W H Smith and it should have been £3.99 but was reduced to £1.99 and because its pencil case material i can just chuck it in the washing machine when it gets a bit dirty.

I've been wanting to try these after watching SWalkers You Tube videos and its the Natural Collection body sprays from Boots. 
After sniffing all of them i finally settled on Ice musk which reminds me of the Lush shop and a certain perfume my sister has i think its called vanillary (?) just obviously not as strong and at only £2.03 for 150ml i might just collect them all.I actually didn't realise how many different flavours they have i was quite impressed and now.....
 i can't stop sniffing myself!

I've just ran out of my Pantene hairspray that was on special offer in Wilkinsons and now i see its gone back up to full price which is too expensive for me so i bought a HUGE can of VO5 high volume weather resistant hairspray (great for winter and frizzy hair like mine). This is a 400ml can and was only £1.52 it didn't say it was reduced so i presume its always be £1.52 but just in case i may go and stock up!

Lately my teeth have been so sensitive to hot, cold, warm... you name is it sets them on edge so i'm going to give the Colgate sensitive pro relief toothpaste a go i actually went intending to buy Sensodyne but this was cheaper so thought its worth ago. Boots £1.83

Don't you feel proud when you actually finish a product i know i do. I often tend to stock buy shampoos, conditioners, body washes etc so i feel i've achieved when i actually finish one.
So i gave myself a gold star and picked up a new facial wash the Garnier pure deep clean cream wash  its currently on special offer in Boots for £2.79 saving a £1.

I went into Superdrug to pick up the heaven and earth palette but they were completely sold out (sob sob) so i picked up 3 individual MUA products instead. 2 nail varnishes and an eye shadow £1 each.

The photo isn't great sorry its alctually abit darker a sort of cherry red
Shade 8

Galaxy chocolate brown colour
shade 7

A really pretty deep pink shimmer eye shadow
Shade 24 pearl
BUSTED - Please excuse the yum yum in my hand hahaha
Finally i picked up a yummy treat for my lips (after the yum yum of course) a glossy lip balm called
 I love.. strawberries & milkshake and its delicious tastes exactly like that and has a soft pink gloss to it there were other flavors too at it was only 99p from Superdrug its quite a tall pot with 15g in it so great bargain!

Enjoy the rest of Sunday whatever your all up too.xx
 I am being nagged to play Lego pirates of the Caribbean wii with my son lol!! xxx


  1. I love that pencil case, I always struggle got cases for my brushes and they get ruined in my make up bag :(
    I also love that brown MUA nail polish so I'm going to go try that too :) xx

  2. X Miss LyndseyJA- The case will be perfect for eye pencils i doubt i will fit my blusher brush in but worth ago lol. Will help me keep them clean i tend to just chuck back in my make up basket. Its a really pretty brown perfect for Autumn thank for reading much appreciated xx

  3. I definitely know what you mean about finishing a product and feeling that sense of achievement as you throw the empty bottle in the bin. It very rarely happens with me as well so every so often I tell myself to do the 10 pan project, but with every product and not just make-up!

  4. X Kate- Glad im not the only one lol.Great idea i really need to do the 10 pan project xx

  5. Always love all your posts they are just amazing and always brighten my day xxx

    Thanks for writing it xxxx :)

    my blog : http://ravingbeautyx.blogspot.com/

    Lauren x

  6. X Lauren- No worries Lauren thank you for your lovely message you just brightened up my day. Hayley xxx

  7. Love the pencil case idea :)

    Great haul, the nail polishes and lip balm look lovely xx

  8. X Sarah- Thanks for your comment. I love a bargain and 99p for a lip balm and £1 for nail varnish can never be bad lol xx