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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Wild thing i think i love you........

Looking for something to wear this morning it suddenly hit me.......
My name is Hayley and  im addicted to leopard print!!
and here's the evidence......

Leopard clutch bag- Priamrk

Leopard platform heels- Primark

Leopard stretchy bracelet- Priamrk

Leopard court shoes- New look

Leopard shopper bag- Primark

Black and white leopard shirt- H&m

Leopard shirt- New Look

Leopard heart t shirt- Market

Leopard stretchy top- New Look



  1. I love your blog so much words can not describe it. It is just so amazing i just love it there is no words to describe how i feel about this blog xx

    my blog : http://ravingbeautyx.blogspot.com/

    Lauren x

  2. X Lauren. Thank you sooooo much for your kind words you have made my night!!!! xxxxxxxx

  3. I love your primark shoes/purse and that heart leopard heart print tshirt. I can see why you are addicted! xxxxx

  4. I love leopard print too :)
    Is the primark shopper recent? I love it :-) xx

  5. X Becca- Don't you find you do get addicted to a certain colour or pattern this is clearly mine lol xx
    X Miss LyndseyJA- Yay not just me then lol. No sorry hun it isn't recent xx

  6. I love leopard print! All your items pictured here are lush :) especially the platform heels!

    I have a blue leopard print cardigan which I rediscovered a couple of weeks ago and seem to be wearing it the majority of the time at work! xx

  7. X Sarah- Thank you hun. Your cardigan sounds nice i do that too, find things i forgot about and wear it non stop! You wonder how u ever lived without wearing it lol xx

  8. thank god there's someone out there who is like me! When I moved a couple of months ago I couldn't believe how much leopard print I had! It's even leaked into my home- cushions, blankets, mirrors....eek!

  9. X Emily- Lol it does sneak in doesn't it! xx