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Thursday, 1 December 2011

MUA haul

Today i wanted to show you a few recent purchases from Superdug all of which are from the Mua make up academy.
 Im sure your all probably aware of Mua by now its cheap but bloody good quality for the price!
Here is my naughty little stash i actually felt a bit guilty spending money on myself so close to Christmas!

I picked up the extreme curl mascara in black in comes in a really sleek mirrored tube and the brush is a nice bristly one and its angled to help with curling your lashes. 
I really like the formula the brush is a little wet but i find with most mascaras i like them more when they dry out a little. I found the curve of the brush a little hard to work with and ended up with mascara on my lid but practise makes perfect and it only costs £2.

I also got two of the trio eyeshadows pink sorbet and innocence. 
Pink sorbert has 3 gorgeous pink eyeshadows all of which are beautifully shimmerd and pearly looking not glittery though as im not a fan of glitter eyeshadows.
The trio includes a baby pink, slighly darker pink and a pink/purple colour they are designed to be used together if you wish as a highlighter, base colour and the darkest colour to devine the crease or you can use them on there own or mixed.

Innocence has again 3 gorgeous easy to wear shimmerd colours a creamy white to highight, a brown/gold base colour and a beautiful brown/ bronze crease colour. 
I am wearing the pink sorbet trio today and i am very impressed the colours work well together and give your eyes a soft pink/purple haze. They were £2.50 each

I also picked up another  pressed powder in shade one. 
Its cheap but it does its job and lasts me quite a while even when using it everyday.
 I like the fact that its pale enough for my skin as i have tried a few other pressed powders and found them to have to much of a yellow or orange tone in them for my skin only £1

I have already tried there lipsticks and was quite impressed so i got another one in shade 7  which is a really pretty coral colour which will give me a nice break to the red lipstick i have been wearing a lot of lately. £1

Currently in Superdrug when you spend £8 on Mua products you get a the immaculate collection pallete which has 24 colours in it for FREE! 
Which is worth £8 on its own!!


  1. I LOVE MUA! I have the Heaven and Earth pallete and use that often. That's a wicked offer they have in Superdrug, I must participate! Great post with swatches.


  2. Nice haul love everything you got x

  3. never tried but the pigmentation looks great. think i have to go spend £8 to get the pallette now. thanks

  4. i love mua and the same as you i just cant get enough xx

    my blog : http://ravingbeautyx.blogspot.com/


  5. MakeupDecadence- Thank you glad you enjoyed reading it. It would be rude not to participate lol xx

    Kelly rudd- Thanks Kelly xx

    Laura- I definately recommend you try Mua i think there fantastic quality for the price xx

    RavingBeautyx- I know there such a good price tho arn't they. You get a little treat without breaking the bank a little to tempting tho lol xx