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Monday, 28 November 2011

Boots product tester - update 3- Une BB cream

A few days ago i was sent the Une intuitve touch BB cream foundation from Boots to product test.

I was sent the lightest colour that they do 101 which is the perfect shade for my pasty skin. 
It comes with a mini applicator brush and is in sleek slide up packaging with a mirror on the front, perfect for on the go touch ups.
The une BB cream foundation promises to be a multi function treatment that camouflages small skin blemishes, unifies, soothes and protects they even say it has the power to make your complexion soft all in one application.
So with high hopes i started to apply the BB cream to my imperfections, under eye circles, spots you know the usual things us women strive to keep hidden. 
Unlike a lot of BB creams this one come in a solid form. I used my fingers to apply it as i found the brush wasn't very good i pressed the product lightly onto my skin and found it to have full coverage so did quite a good job on hiding my yucks!
I was actually quite impressed so carried on applying it to my face covering freckles etc as i went.
 Once i had pretty flawless looking skin i picked up the mirror to inspect my face properly and as i did  i noticed how powdery my face looked! It looked like i had put talc on my face! It looked awful and so i took it all off again!! 
Therefore i think this product is very over priced at £14.49 as i would only use it to dab onto spots to mask them before my usual make up. I wouldn't put it under my eyes as it just made them look worse.
 I really wanted to like this product and after all the claims it made to give me perfect skin i feel very let down.

Blogging Lovely rating-
Expensive but gives full coverage for the odd spot but far to powdery for every where on your face.


  1. i dont think i have ever seen this before xx

    my blog : http://ravingbeautyx.blogspot.com/


  2. wow how do you get to be aboots product tester?!


  3. Interesting packaging! Such a shame it wasn't what you were hoping for :( xx

  4. Great! Thanks for the review. I wanted to buy this but I'll definitely give it a miss now. X