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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Review- Air Wick Colour Change Candle.

Brrr its been freezing lately hasn't it and so i have enjoyed getting cosy on the sofa, watching tv and lighting some candles.
I love Yankee Candles but as i think there quite expensive i hate to light them, i know that makes no sense its a candle that's what its for but i just can't bring myself to light it. My sister is obsessed with anything Yankee i will have to do a blog post on all the different ones she has but in my eyes she commits the ultimate Yankee sin...... she lights them!!!!! tut tut
So anyway this week i treated myself to a candle i was happy to light and bought the new Air Wick colour change candle from Asda currently on offer from £6 to £3.
Its comes in a little frosted glass pot but has a secret hidden within!!
 When you light the candle the whole glass glows with light gently changing through lots of gorgeous colours and gives you a mini light show.
 It also fills the room with a light but yummy smell.
 I choose the rich vanilla and caramel swirl one which just encourages me to watch it eating galaxy caramel chocolate only a big  small bar mind you!
They also do:
Mulled wine and cinnamon apple- (Perfect for crimbo)
Precious silk and oriental orchids
Cocoa truffle and creme

I'm not quite sure how it works as to look at it you would just think it was a normal candle but i'm guessing there is a hidden and protected light underneath the candle that's heat activated but however it works i love it. 
Here it is in action-
Please not i took the following photos on my mobile not the easiest taking a picture of a bright candle in the dark but you get the idea. x

The following video is one i obviously took myself again on my mobile (yes my filming skills are a lot worse than my photographing), whilst my son was watching The Simpsons and the video is the wrong way round......
so if you fancy catching up with The Simsons and getting neck ache press play LOL.


  1. i need to go and get myself one of these xx

    my blog : http://ravingbeautyx.blogspot.com/


  2. Oooo, I want one of these! Especially if they're on offer! I think it'll add with the christmas decorations in a few weeks too! hehe

  3. Ahh this looks lovely, gonna pop it on the shopping list!x