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Friday, 8 June 2012

A few weeks ago i was sent some shampoo and conditioner to try out from Boots.
Its from the new range of hair care by L'oreal.

I was sent the ever strong shampoo and conditioner that is designed to strengthen brittle over processed hair and its also sulphate free!!!

Sulphate is basically a chemical that is added to create bubbles.
 As we believe that bubbles, foam and lather are getting our hair really clean its also a cheap ingredient for the company's to use. 
However sulphates are actually bad for our hair and so although they apperar to be friendly little bubbles they are doing more damage than good especially if you wash you hair everyday.
Sulphates are very drying and can damage the hair follicles which could lead to hair loss it can also make your hair colour fade a lot quicker!
So with all the above in mind i was really excited to try it out.

I presumed that sulphate free meant no luscious lathering but i was wrong it lathered really well it smells really lovely quite herbal and organic and left my hair feeling really clean, strong and shinny. A real hair and scalp treat.

The only downsides i have personally found for me are....... 
its quite pricey at £5.99 per 250ml tube. I always use shampoo and conditioner so i would have to spend £11.98 to buy both.

Also as i've said in previous blogs i don't wash my hair too often as it just doesn't need it but when using this duo i did find i was needing to wash my hair more often which was a bit of a pain and also meant i was using more shampoo and conditioner meaning i would have to spend £11.98 too soften so for me this shampoo isn't really for me.

However if you wash your hair everyday or even every other day this is definitely worth a try it would also be great for colored hair.
 Im tempted by the deep conditioning mask in the same range i love treating my hair to a good soak in a hair mask every now and again its £6.99 from Boots so a little more affordable for the amount and time i would use it for. Hair mask link.

Hope you have a lovely weekend
Hayley at Blogging Lovely xx

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