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Friday, 16 September 2011

September Glossy Box!

Its here...... So here it is my september Glossy Box and i love it!
Glossy box packaging

This months the Glossy Box theme is future classics and in my box i recieved.....

2 sachets of Rahua shampoo and conditioner which is for longer, stronger hair it promises to add bounce, body and shine and is ideal for color treated hair. Like mine each sachet is 10ml.

A little pot of Moa green balm which is a 100% natural  skin care balm with healing powers to soothe, nourish and renew dry itchy skin, bumps, bites, grazes and minor burns. However the pot is tiny but great for my handbag.

Plum eau d parfum by Mary Greenwell a really lovely modern floral smell that last ages and makes me smile every time i move and catch a smell. Very pretty. 1.5 ml

Alcohol free hydrating day cream which is 94% organic it smells a little like medicated cream with a hint of turkish delight. 10ml

and finally the Hd Brows palette and precision brow brush. Full size may i add!
Now this i'm very excited about as my eyebrows are a few shades lighter than my dark colored hair so i always use a eyebrow pencil in my daily make up routine but this is ment to last 24hr. The shades of brown are brilliant and the brush makes it so easy to fill in your brows you can also use it as a eyeliner or as an eye shadow. Also in the palette is a mirror and sponge applicator.

 So overall i am very happy with my Glossy Box this month and am looking forward to trying out all my little goodies it also means i may hold off on cancelling my Glossy Box for now. What do you think??

p.s I also have a very happy Bob with his new Glossy Box ribbon (not included in my box lol)


  1. Aww, you got a few different products to me. The brow kit is fab isn't it! Although you got a different applicator to me which I thought was weird..(I got an angled small brush)

  2. Yes i love the brow kit and it lasts along time on the skin doesn't it! I just looked at your blog and we did get different brow applicators. I wonder why? x

  3. glossy boxes look so good! I really want to subscribe to them!



  4. Very jealous of the HD brow kit! Heard so many good things about it xx

  5. X Emily- I love the HD brow kit i'm finding it lasts a lot long than when i've used an eyebrow pencil and would definitely buy it again i think its about £19. xx

  6. Have you tried the shampoo yet? Any good?
    I wanted to try it but i didn't receive it

    Thanks! :)

  7. X Alex- Hi To be honest i didn't like it at all the shampoo didn't foam up so it didn't feel it was getting my hair clean and bubbly and it felt so dry in my hair. The conditioner didn't leave me hair soft either. Just my personal opinion on it i gave the other sachet to my mum to try so will ask her what she thought of it too. xx