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Thursday, 13 October 2011

£1 shop make up

On a recent shopping trip i nipped into The Pound Shop to have a look at the make up they had in. 
I've picked up a few good branded things in there before.
So flicking through all the little packets i came across a Rimmel Lipgloss called Stay Glossy. Which i thought sounded perfect a lip gloss that well......stayed glossy!

I finished the rest of my shopping and headed back to the car excited to try my new gloss 
(I know im sad) 
My excitement quickly went away when i was faced with this............
It was bloody black! Lol.
Do they even make black lip gloss?
Isn't it awful!
 After i had finished laughing till i cried i started looking for somewhere on the packaging that said it was black and to my suprise there it was on a little label on the side of the bottle 
"black diva"
So my tip to you ladies is by all means check out the make up in the £1 shop just check the colours before you buy!
Halloween look? xx


  1. Ahh I have seen this too, I think it is a bit deceiving as the tube looks like it is black itself not the contents, although the Halloween packaging did make me wary. x

  2. X Rebecca- Thats exactly what i thought lol it was a black tube. I didn't think the packaging looked very Halloween at 1st but the font does look a bit Gothic your right lol xx

  3. Well on the up side it is the perfect colour for halloween? :) xxxx
    I have brought makeup in pounland, inculding 2 rimmel eyeliners, that i adore and use everyday, and also a revlon lipstick which is beautiful. But some of the things in there have been awful, but you just have to have the eye.
    i love your blogg.
    -molly xxx

  4. omg i would of literally cried if that happened to me xx

    my blog : http://ravingbeautyx.blogspot.com/


  5. X Mollyoxox- It is a perfect colour for Halloween oh i did laugh Molly!Just thr luck of the draw i guess.xx
    X Raving beauty x- At least it was only £1 and thank god i tried it in the car and not walking round the shops haha xx

  6. At least it was only a pound and it is Halloween soon, had it been November when you had picked it up then it would of been a bit of a waste! Lol x

  7. X Rebecca.Ann- Exactly hun lol xx

  8. Haha, thats like something I'd do... good job it was only £1 :-p

  9. I was thinking ''this looks a bit halloweeney, with the writing on the packaging'' then i scrolled down and saw your face and knew i was right!! haha


  10. Haha, at least now you have a gloss suitable for halloween :p I'm surprised the packaging didn't give it away lol although when you spot a bargain you tend to not look at the small print, at least I don't anyway lol xx