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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Goodbye grey hair!!??

Belive it or not i started to get grey at just 19 years old i partly blame having my son at a young age but also my Grandad who was grey at 18. It's quite annoying having to dye my hair just to cover them but maybe i won't have to......

I found an article on the Marie Clare website about a breakthrough pill that you take as you would a vitamin and it keeps those grey hairs at bay.

Although they have been looking into this for a very long time it is still likely to be 18+ months till we can get our hands on it however they do say the pills will be inexpensive and made by L’Oreal !!

According to L'oreal they have  painstakingly screened a vast number of naturally occurring compounds, eventually discovering one in fruit that stops grey hair! but there keeping it a secret. shhhhhh!!

Here's the link if you want to read the full article Here

Would you try this pill? I think i would. xx

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