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Saturday, 15 October 2011

I Love My Straighteners xx

I wanted to Blog about my hair straighteners today.
 All my friends go mad for Ghd's and i just don't get on with them at all i think they pull and don't seem to straighten my hair that well and tend to make my fizzy hair a bit more frizzy and  fly away so for crimbo last year my husband brought me these Babyliss hair straightners.
They are amazing! They have shine technology bulilt in so make your hair super shinny and healthy looking.  
They have a cuved edge so you can flick under or out and curl as well as straighen.
I like the fact that you have a lot of temperatures to choose from depending on the look you want, super straight or natural etc. 
They have a nice long cord and a retractable comb on one side of the straigther plates.

On the other plate is a steam plate you fill the top of the straighners with water thus creating steam!

 So if your after some new straighteners I would definitely recommend them as i find i don't need to straighten my hair everyday now. 
You get a bag and a mat to protect surfaces and they heat up almost instantly.
This model is on Amazon for under £50-
 Babyliss 2034u pro 230 radiance straightener-LINK xx

The newer model is also for sale on Amazon for under £30-
 Babyliss 2038U pro 230 Radiance sleek straightener  Link xx

Am i the only person who doesn't get on with Ghd's?


  1. those hair straighteners sound amazing because i dont like the ghds straighteners either xx

    my blog : http://ravingbeautyx.blogspot.com/


  2. ooo sounds very good, im very intrigued!


  3. Snap! Same straighteners as me. Although the price of them makes me shudder, my boyfriend bought them for me 2 years ago I think for xmas and they cost him over £100, lol

  4. X- Kate- Oh really Kate i didn't know they were that expensive the links i found to buy them are a good price then. Do you love your straighteners too?xx