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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Angelic cup of tea anyone? and h&m buy

Just a really quick post to show you this adorable cup and saucer set i bought yesterday. 
They have little angel wing handles.

Can you believe i managed to pick these angels up in the 99p store! 
Yep no need to re read they were 99p...... for both may i add!!!

I also picked up this grey cardigan from H&M it was reduced from £24.99 to £15 its really cosy but it did end up making my arms really itchy so will wear a long sleeved top underneath it next time.
 I like the fact that the arms are quite long as i find tops are quite often a bit short in the arms for me.
 It has buttons all the way down a comfy hood and rolled back sleeves which make it look nice and chunky.
They had it in lots of other colours too red, cream, black and the grey i got.
Apparently clothing stores are reducing a lot of there knit wear and coats etc as there struggling to shift them in the warmer winter we are experiencing.
Please excuse the unflattering photo husband cam took it doesn't show the chunky detail but you get the idea.
Hope your all having a lovely weekend xx


  1. In love with those angel mugs!
    I must pop to the nearest 99p store to see if they're still there!


  2. love the cardigan xx

    my blog : http://ravingbeautyx.blogspot.com/


  3. those cups are so cute! :)
    and i love the cardigan, so cute x

  4. cups are lovely! may have to invest :)
    laur x


  5. Senmama- Did you manage to find them? xx

    RavingBeautyx- Thanks hun just wish it wasn't so itchy as its so warm. xx

    Mollyoxox- Thank you Molly. xx

    Laurdows- Why not for 99p haha. Thank you xx