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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Ikea Ginger Bread House!!

We finally got round to making the gingerbread house from Ikea.

Like all things from Ikea it came flat packed with instructions and sadly i had 1 part of the chimney missing so...... i ummmm ........ate it!

So now all evidence of my missing chimney were gone i mixed up some royal icing into a thick paste and spooned it into a sandwich bag as i couldn't find a piping bag. I snipped the corner of the bag and began to pipe along the edges of the walls. 
They held really well so i didn't use scaffolding or baked bean tins!
 I left it to harden for about an hour and then decorated it using. 
Chocolate buttons for roof tiles
Pretzels for the front door fence
Smarties for Christmas lights
Rolled icing for the snow man and piped coloured icing for the details.

Its not perfect but we had lots of messy fun making it and its still standing!
 Now all we need is a Mr and Mrs Gingerbread to live in our little house.


  1. It looks so cute, I want one now!

  2. that's awesome!!! I want one too! :)