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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Little Ikea haul.

Yesterday we took an after school trip to Ikea! 
I went with my mum and Daniel the purpose of the trip was to get my Niece a wooden kitchen for Christmas but as soon as they come in stock they go straight out the door again! So no luck which means another trip to Ikea on Friday when there due to get some more in. Shame! :)
Whilst there i got a few bits and thought i would share them in a quick blog post.

I picked up the new 2012 Ikea book which i have gone through this morning with a coffee and a pen ticking everything i would like, which is most of it! 
How times have changed i used to do the same in the toy section of Argos now i'm ticking cushions and baskets!

I have been wanting to make a ginger bread house with Daniel and so when i saw this DIY one i had to get it. 
Inside you get the gingerbread walls in a flat pack style with the usual ikea instructions. 
It means we can pretty much get straight onto the decorating without having to wait for the walls to harden. I will do a separate blog when we build it. £2.25
We also picked up some cheeky chocolate heart biscuits for the journey home. 80p

I got a very exciting light bulb for Daniels wall lamp. sorry that's very boring!
I also got Daniel a big plastic box which is on wheels for all his Lego. He already has quite a collection and i expect Santa will be adding to it very soon. 
I love the little gap in the lid its great for posting Lego back through when i stand on it when its been left out on the floor! Little Scamp!
You have to buy the lid separately which is a little odd i'm not really sure how many people would buy it with out the lid but still it makes a 'wheelie' good storage box for him.
(see what i did there?)

I got another pot to match the one i already have as i think there lovely.
 Its a white metal plant pot with cut out lace style detail. 
I think it makes a gorgeous plant pot but i think its so pretty i could have lots of othe uses make up brush pot, lips gloss/ jewelry pot, money box or in your kitchen to keep you washing up liquid in. 
Ow i should have got some more! Especially as there only £1.99
The plant inside was brought on a previous trip to Ikea and is a fake one.
 I'm not very good at keeping house plants alive, to be fair i'm not very good at keeping fake ones in one piece either as i melted a few of the leaves with the iron haha!

I got this white and blue duvet cover set for our bedroom. 
It comes with 4 matching pillow cases which is great as i like lots of  pillows and was only £3.99
 The single set was £1.99 and the king was only £4.99!!
I am hoping to do lots of Christmas baking so got these two mixing bowls.
 They have a little spout on them so you can pour your mixture easily into cake tins or would be great when making runny Yorkshires or pancakes they came in the pack of two and were around £3 ish

Lastly i picked up some drinks to try i got 2 Christmas root beers in these cute glass bottles.75p each
 I got a fine festival beer 95p and pear cider £1.10 for my husband to try. 


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