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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

BB creams and other naughty's (Goodies!) xx

I gave in!!! Yep i gave into temptation and picked up the Garnier BB Cream today in Boots. Well it would be rude not to when it had a £1 off. I haven't used it yet as i already have make up on so will blog tomorrow my initial thoughts on it but i am very excited to try it although i'm not holding my breath that it will be my miracle cream but fingers crossed.
Whilst there i also picked up a few other goodies......

I took advantage of the 3 for 2 promotion on make up and got 2 Boujois khol and contour eyeliners one in ultra black (my fav eyeliner) and a brown one called brun design. I have used the black eyeliner for years and haven't found anything i like as much it glides on jet black and lasts ages and it only £4.16.

I also picked up one of the new lipsticks by Kate Moss from Rimmel in number 03 its actually a really creamy subtle colour which is great for everyday and was only £5.49 which ment i got one of the eyeliners

Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick NO3

NO3 lipstick

I also used my NO7 voucher of £5 off and got a lovely light brown shimmer eye shadow called Mink originally £9 but with the voucher i only paid £3.

No7 eye shadow and little swatch in Mink
(apologies the photo doesn't quite show the prettiness of this shimmer colour)

I think you will agree some lovely bargains! XX

On another note i matched the horrible rain clouds today to my nails lol and  pained them using Barry M nail varnish in grey.. see!


  1. I really want to try out the Garnier cream. Love the lipstick shade! xx

  2. X Abby- I will let you know what i think on my blog tomorrow. I hope its nice. I got it in light. Thank you its a really lovely lipstick shade, not to much for everyday.x
    X Babe Jane- Its nice isn't it it lasts quite well on the lips too i'm finding. x

  3. That nail polish colour is one of my favourite barry m colours, it kind of border's on a dusty blue colour and appears quites unusual when compared with other grey colours

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  4. X UndercoverstyleLover- Your right the Barry M grey does have different tones to it there so good aren't they. Have you tried the Barry M mushroom nail polish its my fav x

  5. Lovely haul ^_^
    I love Barry M nail polishes and that colour has actually bounced it's way onto my wishlist :P

  6. X Kristin - Its pretty isn't it and they are bargains actually i think its 2 for £4.98 in superdrug at the mo maybe you will just have to buy 2 haha x